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BLM Supporting Trump Haters Busted For TREASON Against The United States of America

Anyone who would try to sell our nuclear secrets hate this country. So why would it come as a surprise to anyone that these traitors love BLM and hate President Trump? They became Democrats because they truly believe that intelligence is overrated. Jonathan Toebbe and his Trump-hating teacher, wife, Diana, were arrested for espionage back in October for trying to sell nuclear secrets to Brazil. Why sell nuclear technology to Brazil? Because Hunter already took care of the other countries?

The Daily Mail reported:

A disgraced Navy nuclear engineer and his wife facing a combined 20 years in prison for to trying to sell secrets about American nuclear-powered warships approached Brazil with the classified information, it has been revealed.

Jonathan Toebbe, 43, and his Trump-hating teacher wife, Diana, were arrested last October after prosecutors said he approached a foreign government in an attempt to provide the nation with thousands of pages of stolen classified documents about the nuclear reactors that power the U.S. submarine fleet.

The identity of the foreign power had been concealed by federal prosecutors. It was widely speculated to have been France after investigators revealed the Toebbes had contacted a friendly foreign power, rather than an adversary.

However, a senior Brazilian official and others familiar with the investigation have since confirmed Toebbe approached their government during April 2020, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

Analysts allege Toebbe’s outreach was an ‘odd choice’ given then-President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had strengthened the alliance between the countries. Some argue at that time U.S.-Brazilian relations were the closest they’d been in decades.

That set off a monthlong undercover operation in which the agent made contact with Toebbe and agreed to pay $100,000 in cryptocurrency for the information Toebbe was offering. Toebbe was already paid $70,000 before he was caught.

We keep hearing about how other countries hated Trump so bad, but tell me this, why did Putin wait to attack Ukraine after Biden became president? Why did Saudi Arabia wait to cozy up to China once Biden was in office? And, why did China wait to threaten Taiwan until Biden was in office? Like sharks, they could smell blood in the water. Admittedly, there were several countries that did not like Trump, but not one of them was dumb enough to test him.


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