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SHOCKING TESTIMONY As Ghislaine Maxwell Victim Describes SICK Sexual Abuse When She Was 14

One of Ghislaine Maxwell’s accusers broke down in tears in court as she told the story of how she was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell and then sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein and by Maxwell herself.

She said that while staying at Epstein’s ranch in Santa Fe, someone came into the room and told her that Epstein was summoning her. She said she felt her heart sink to her stomach because she didn’t want to go see him.

During that session, she claims that Epstein felt up her breasts and her vagina and that she touched Epstein “everywhere.”

The witness identified only as “Jane’ had to collect herself before going on. She said she could not go to her emotionally detached mother to talk about the abuse she suffered.

Jane said:

“It just kind of seemed like it was hopeless I guess. It didn’t seem like there was any joy to look forward to.”

Jane’s family was struggling at the time as her father had just died of leukemia about nine months earlier. The first time, Jane’s mother went with her when they visited Epstein’s estate in Palm Beach, Florida. After that Epstein invited Jane to come alone.

She described one instance when Maxwell and Epstein took most of her clothes off and then instructed her to take her top off. She and Maxwell lay on the bed fondling each other and giggling as Epstein watched and masturbated.

Jane went on to describe orgies that Epstein and Maxwell held along with other people in full-blown intercourse. She claims she had never seen anything like this.

Maxwell asked if she had a boyfriend and then told her “Remember when you do that once you f*** them you can always f*** them again because they’re grandfathered in.”

From The Daily Wire

During “Jane’s” testimony, Maxwell sat mostly still but at several points she glanced back at the gallery and jotted down notes. When their attorneys left the benches to speak with the judge several times, both women sat very still in silence and did not look at each other. Maxwell was wearing what looked like the same outfit as the previous day, a cream-colored sweater and black slacks. Over the course of the day she ran her hand through her hair and whispered to her lawyers at length.

“Jane” was the state’s second witness after Lawrence Visoski, Epstein’s pilot of nearly 30 years, who testified that he flew the well-connected billionaire back and forth between his various residences.

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