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Putin Moves To End War Against Ukraine Once & For All …

Just before he ordered the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian people, explaining to them why he felt it was necessary to go to war to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and building up weaponry right on the Russian border. It is somewhat understandable since the United States was willing to go to war over Russia placing missiles in Cuba. Ukraine covers a large portion of the Russian border.

NATO could have added Ukraine last year and if they had let them, Russia would never have invaded. But, they didn’t so here we are. And make no mistake, Ukraine is just the beginning of the woes for the West. China is once again eyeing Taiwan and with their new partnership with Russia, they have much less to fear should they decide to move.

Here is the transcript of the Putin announcement:

Citizens of Russia, friends,

I consider it necessary today to speak again about the tragic events in Donbass and the key aspects of ensuring the security of Russia.

I will begin with what I said in my address on February 21, 2022. I spoke about our biggest concerns and worries, and about the fundamental threats which irresponsible Western politicians created for Russia consistently, rudely and unceremoniously from year to year. I am referring to the eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border.

It is a fact that over the past 30 years we have been patiently trying to come to an agreement with the leading NATO countries regarding the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe. In response to our proposals, we invariably faced either cynical deception and lies or attempts at pressure and blackmail, while the North Atlantic alliance continued to expand despite our protests and concerns. Its military machine is moving and, as I said, is approaching our very border.

Why is this happening? Where did this insolent manner of talking down from the height of their exceptionalism, infallibility and all-permissiveness come from? What is the explanation for this contemptuous and disdainful attitude to our interests and absolutely legitimate demands? 

For all practical purposes, the war is over and Russia has won because it is apparent no other country is going to step in to save Ukraine. Russia says it is now ready to negotiate the terms for the surrender of Ukraine. There will be no real negotiation though. Russia will keep fighting till they get everything they demand. With Biden as president, Putin has nothing to fear from the United States.


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