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Hillary Clinton Supporter Sentenced to 35-to-Life For …

A Hillary Clinton voter was sentenced to 35-to-life this week for shooting and killing the wife of one of his bandmates after an argument over the 2016 election.

He also shot the man in the head. He has had two brain surgeries and was in a coma for a while and now is undergoing therapy to learn how to do the basic things in life.

Why are the Democrats so violent?

Fox News reported:

A California man who supported Hillary Clinton for president received a maximum sentence of 35 years to life in prison this week after being convicted of killing his bandmate’s wife in an argument over the 2016 election, according to a report.

The slain woman was holding the couple’s 2-year-old child at the time of the Jan. 10, 2017, incident, the Press-Enterprise of Southern California reported.

After revealing he had supported Clinton, defendant John Kevin McVoy Jr., 40, was told by the bandmate, “Get the f— out of my house,” according to prosecutors.

McVoy then fired a shot at the bandmate, identified as Victor Garcia, striking him in the head, the Press-Enterprise reported. Garcia spent months in a coma afterward and required two brain surgeries plus physical therapy to relearn basic life skills, the report said.

A second shot struck Garcia’s wife, Susan Garcia, killing her, while one of the other bandmates was trying to disarm McVoy, the report said. The child was not hurt.

There was a child present in the home at the time. The child did not suffer any injuries. If President Trump is being held responsible for the January 6th riot because he complained about the stolen election, isn’t Hillary responsible for this death based on her contention the presidency was stolen from her?

Of course, she would never be blamed even if she had loaded the gun and handed it to the shooter with instructions to shoot to kill.

John McVoy Jr., 40,  admitted he voted for Hillary Clinton, and Victor Garcia told him to get out of his house, and that’s when McVoy pulled out his gun and shot Garcia. He then shot and killed Garcia’s wife.


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