GOP Victory Causes A Meltdown On The Set Of ‘The View’

ICYMI| Texas Republicans were successful in passing the SB8 fetal heartbeat law which makes it illegal to abort a baby after 6 weeks of gestation. That was apparently enough to make the loonies at ‘The View’ lose their minds.

Host Whoopi Goldberg led the charge by asking her team of liberal co-hosts to respond and the girls showed up for the occasion. At one point, Joy Behar stole a page from the liberal mainstream media and called the GOP “the Taliban in America.”

The segment began by Goldberg struggling to make a connection between wearing masks and abortion. Co-host Sunny Hostin absolutely lost it and went on a long rant about conservatives:

“I agree with you, Whoopi, in the sense that I see this incredible hypocrisy coming from the Christian right especially among people like myself who say that abortion is wrong and say it’s about the sanctity of life. Yet they’re so supportive of gun ownership. They’re so supportive of ar-15s. They’re so supportive of the death penalty. They’re so supportive of never ending wars.”

“They also don’t care after the kid is born. Then they drop you like a hot rock,” Behar interrupted.

Hostin continued, “they’re so supportive of personal freedoms to choose not to be vaccinated. They’re so supportive of personal freedoms not to wear masks. They claim to be pro-life. So I have to get that out there. Because this is really about personal choice. I do get this now after being on the show for five years….

After a longwinded response and losing her point a few times, Hostin finally, “you can’t just have a Texas law that allows any citizen of any state to sue not the pregnant woman actually, not the person seeking the abortion, but anyone who helps the person. Like an Uber driver, or the abortion doctor. This is going to lead to I think terror against doctors, terror against clinics. ”

“They’re worried about the Taliban and the Taliban and women. Worry about the Taliban in America,” Behar shouted. “That’s what these guys really are!”


It should go without saying that liberals have a warped obsession with murdering innocent babies at the taxpayers’ expense but this little segment took it to a whole new level.




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