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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Epic Destruction Of Ilhan Omar


ICYMI … ENJOY! For some unfathomable reason, the Left takes the side of Middle East terrorists over Israel, the only true democracy in that region, every time war breaks out, and it’s mind-boggling because every skirmish that begins has had clear information as to who started the violence and it is always the Middle East terrorists. Yet because Israel knows how to defend itself, the Left side with the terrorists who attack Israel with deadly force and unprovoked. When I say unprovoked, I mean it in the sense that normal, rational people understand the term. Leftists are not normal, rational people and so they agree with the terrorists that the very fact that Israel exists is itself a provocation.

When you try to ask a prominent leftist and even some conservatives what to make of the Middle East problem, they claim that the fighting between the Israelis and those who claim to be Palestinians will inevitably say that the matter is “complicated.”

But it’s really not complicated at all. What happens each and every time is the Arab terrorists attack Israeli people and then Israel retaliates with necessary force and the Left comes down on Israel and sides with the terrorists. They make an inhumane judgment that certain people have the right to kill innocent Israelis because they have a longstanding argument that the people of Israel do not have a right to live.

Here is the bottom line of the not-so-complicated Middle East problem. One group of people have always wanted the other group of people dead and they have used the Western civilization’s ideological Left, because they control all the methods of communication and education, to make their sympathetic arguments for them. They have duped the West into believing that the Israelis are the problem in the Middle East and that all would be well if they just allowed them to slaughter every innocent in the Jewish state.

This problem goes all the way back to the 1949 Armistice Agreements signed by Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria to end the hostilities of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. In a nutshell, the Arab states attacked Israel just for being all Jewish and they never accepted the outcome of the agreements which meant the Jews still get to live. Every war small and big that has come about between the Arabs and the Israelis ever since has been over that sentiment of hatred for the Jewish state. If anyone tells you any differently, they are lying to you.

Though much of the world has fallen for the lie that Israel is to blame, some people do understand that it’s all a big lie.

House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) understands this and on Monday she let the anti-Semitic bigot Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who never met a Middle East terrorist she didn’t like, know what the simple solution to the Middle east complicated matter is.

Omar took to social media to hijack a Marxist slogan tweeting out “Palestinian lives matter. Pass it on.”

Greene won Georgia’s 14th district by 74.7 percent of the vote in November’s election which we can take that she definitely speaks for a whole lot of people when she replied to Omar’s acceptance of terrorism.

“Jewish lives matter.

So tell your terrorists buddies in Hamas to stop bombing them.


Every time I hear a pundit or a politician say that Israel has the right to exist, it makes me cringe that they feel they have to say it. Of course, the state of Israel has the right to exist. To have to make that claim makes it appear that the person is arguing against a status quo.

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Lisa October 11, 2021
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omar needs to be deported back to her home country. she does not have America's back, instead siding with terrorists...GET HER OUT
Gretchen October 11, 2021
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John Grychak May 29, 2021
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Jesse May 29, 2021
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Omar should be on a very leaky boat back to Somalia with her entire Family including her newest Husband. She committed IMMIGRATION FRAUD, INCEST, BIGAMY, and STUDENT LOAN FRAUD before she ever ran for office. During her first term she committed Campaign Finance crimes. She funneled millions of Campaign dollars through her newest Husband's company to fatten her wallet. The IMMIGRATION FRAUD and INCEST should get her booted from America for life. 
Wizard May 28, 2021
| |
YOU GO  GIRL  MTG for  Pres 2028