Dem Rep Busted Scamming Taxpayers To Line His Pockets


The more and more I study politics there seems to be one reoccurring theme: 99.9% of politicians are crooks and grifters.

When the story broke this summer, I came to the same conclusion which I had come to a decade a go or so …

I would love to say that this is only true for Democrats, but if Trump’s presidency proved one thing, it’s that we have plenty of scumbags on our ‘side of the isle’ too.  Dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of ‘Republicans’ made it clear that they were not interested in MAGA, they were interested in keeping the status quo so they could line their pocket and leave DC with exponentially more money and power than when they

It does seem that Democrats are way more shameless when it comes to their corruption and the media way less likely to expose it …

Luckily we still have the New York Post …

The New York Post reported:

‘Long Island Congressman Tom Suozzi has used cash from his Congressional campaign committee to pay himself $37,860 in rent since January 2020.

On Jan. 2, 2020, the three-term Democrat dropped $19,500 on “office rent” to a company called Ruvo Realty LLC. Another $18,360 rent payment was made on Jan. 19, 2021, FEC records show.

The payments work out to $1,625 a month in 2020 and $1,530 in 2021.

In his 2019 financial disclosure report, Suozzi revealed he was the sole owner of Ruvo Realty, an asset he valued at between $100,000 to $250,000. The report further says that the company began renting office space on Jan. 1, 2020.

Ruvo Realty’s sole asset is a single unit in the 3 School St. Professional Condo office building in Glen Cove. The company was expressly set up for the purpose of housing a Suozzi campaign office there, where staffers regularly work, a Suozzi spokeswoman said.

A sign on the door for unit 305 gives no indication of its affiliation with the Congressman beyond a small white placard bearing the letters TRS — Thomas Richard Suozzi’s initials. The lights were off and there was no answer from inside when The Post paid a visit Thursday.

Suozzi’s company takes its name from Ruvo del Monte, a small Italian town where the lawmaker’s father was born.’

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