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Metallica Frontman Destroys Vaccine Narrative


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Metallica frontman James Hetfield recently appeared on a podcast and expressed skepticism about aspects of the COVID vaccines, and indicated that he stands in opposition to the use of so-called vaccine passports.

“I have no clue. It’s not up to me. It really is up to the safety of everyone, not just the fans, but the crew and us. I’m not sure what that means in the future as far as vaccines,” Hetfield said. “I’m a little skeptical of getting the vaccine, but it seems to be rolling out and people are getting it and I’ve got lots of friends that have done it.”

“I’m not totally sure about it,” Hetfield continued. “But I hope it doesn’t come to a point where you have to have that COVID stamp in your passport or something to go everywhere. But if it comes down to that, then I’ll make a decision then. We got vaccinated to go to Africa, so it’s not like I’ve never been vaccinated before, but as a kid, I never got vaccinations ’cause of our religion. So that was the only time I got one, when we were going on safari in Africa.”

Hetfield’s comments, though measured, received intense backlash from left-wing activists on social media. The left wing’s hardline stance on mandatory inoculations and vaccine passports has caused much polarization on the issue in recent weeks.

As National File previously reported, Florida governor Ron DeSantis recently signed legislation banning vaccine passports:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill passed by the state legislature that bans governments and corporations from denying service to customers based on vaccination status.

“I think it’s the evidence-based thing to do,” DeSantis said at Monday’s press conference. “I think folks that are saying that they need to be policing people at this point, if you’re saying that you really are saying you don’t believe in the vaccines, you don’t believe in the data you don’t believe in the science.”

“The legislation creates a default legal presumption that during any emergency our businesses should be free from government mandates to close, and our schools should remain open for in-person instruction for our children,” DeSantis added.


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Sue D. Meadows July 22, 2021
| | |
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Ivan June 28, 2021
| | |
This wishy-washy idiot did NOT "destroy the vacine narrative". He's ready to cave as soon as they tell him he has to
Rhonda June 28, 2021
| | |
If these pro COVID vaccine leftist activists really wanted skeptics to get vaccinated, they'd STFU and keep quiet about it. But no. They've got to run their mouths, and make every issue a political one, which turns "normal" ppl off. No one who is hesitant or skeptical about this vaccine, trusts the CDC or the govt to tell us the truth about it, or to be looking out for our safety. If it weren't for Pres Trump asking that the patent be given to the public, we wouldn't even know that these vaccines have mRNA ingredients that change ppl's RNA. And we certainly wouldn't know that the vaccines have nano particles in them, which the developer of such nano particle technology says was not meant to be used on humans. The CDC, NIH, NIAID have all become just one more political tool of the left, to feed us misinformation through lies and propaganda. As if the msm weren't enough, the "Follow the science" activists are not following the science. Even the CDC, which has stated that COVID vaccines have caused concerning problems in our youth, like myocarditis, and brain bleeds, is STILL saying they should be vaccinated for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate, and is usually asymptomatic in our youth, and requires a test to even know they have it. No thank you. That's what I'd say about it if I were the parent of a child or teen or even a young adult, which I am. NO THANK YOU!!! 
Richard Whistle June 5, 2021
| | |
"Gain of function?" It's called weaponization of a virus into a biowarfare weapon. The Russians did it with anthrax and smallpox. Even if you've received the smallpox vaccination it will not protect you against weaponized smallpox! Get the idea now?
Enchanted June 5, 2021
| | |
Yeah, you got vaccines before but YOU and no one in the world has gotten an Mrna shot before with only 3 months evaluation of it. This is pure insanity!