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BUSTED! Sample of 950 Military Ballots Audited In Georgia, ALL Given to Biden


Personally, I have not met a single person who believes that Joe Biden got more votes than any president in the history of the United States.

Had the Democrats run someone like Oprah, Mark Cuban or even Michelle Obama, I would have a way easier time believing this story that we are being told.

The problem with the narrative that the Democrats won the White House is pretty simple … I don’t know ANYONE who likes Joe Biden.  The man is not charismatic and he has more scandals surrounding him than Michael Avenatti.

Now we are hearing that samples of ballots are showing that 950 of 950 … every single MILITARY ballot examined, went to Joe Biden.  This, if true, is just not plausible.

Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reports:

‘In Georgia in a sample of military ballots were reviewed recently and all went for Joe Biden.  There is no way these were legit.   

Yesterday John Fredricks was interviewed on the War Room with Steve Bannon.  There were many nuggets in Fredricks’ interview.  Another key item discussed involved military ballots.  Fredericks said that of 950 military mail-in ballots sampled in a recent review, 100% went to Biden.

We reported previously how the military ballots in Georgia and Michigan were nearly all mysteriously and impossibly for Joe Biden.  (This most likely occurred across the country.  This is what the Democrats think of our military.)’

At the end of the day, the 2020 election has made me question whether or not voting even makes a difference any longer.   What do you think?


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JimB June 18, 2021
| | |
First, there is no way in Hell I will ever believe Biden won the election fair and square. Second, I know without any doubt that Biden did not get more votes than any other President in History including Obama. And when it comes to Military votes only a fool would believe every vote was for Biden. This fraudulent election should be investigated and Biden/Harris should be removed from office as soon as possible and the rightful President, President Trump be reinstated to his former position before any more harm can be done to our Great country and he still be allowed to run again in 2024 if he should so choose or another election be held immediately and only to American citizens with a photo ID and a state-issued Voter registration card to match. All Biden Executive orders should be null and void along with any agreement he has made with any other country since being illegally placed in office. Every person found guilty of any fraud at all should receive a mandatory 20-year prison sentence without any chance of early parole and lose their voting rights for the remainder of their lives. To drag this out any further is useless and only allows more harm to our country. Immediate action on this fraudulent election is needed now.
George Houchens June 18, 2021
| | |
I recall as we approached the last election, how Trump rallies would be attended by tens of thousands or more, but Biden rallies drew only a few dozen attendees.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the results of the voting and Biden was the winner.  I still dont believe this last election was legitimate.
robert6391 June 18, 2021
| | |
Now when according to the military papers published Trump was the most disliked President by the Military since Carter, so where is the surprise that the military voted fro Biden.
Alice B Kobylack June 17, 2021
| | |
The military has never been for Biden, they were solidly behind Trump. Proof is in the "purge" of Trump supporters from the military. There is no way in hell there were 100% of ballots for Biden. WOnder what happened to the real military ballots?
DoctorD June 17, 2021
| | |
Biden's election was statistically impossible. Statistics don't lie, they just are. He could NOT have won in the fashion that he did.
arschloch June 17, 2021
| | |
Stop with the word 'democrat'. The group in question is the American version of the COMMUNIST party. Marx would be proud.
Jean June 17, 2021
| | |
What a slap in the face to those who serve.  The left only sees them as slaves--remember how they were treated when called to protect the Capitol.  Dispicable.    
Doug Mitchell June 17, 2021
| | |
I appreciate your insights - except for one - PLEASE do not discourage Republicans from voting!!  That plays right into the opposition's hands.  The LAST thing we should be doing is walking away from the field.  Turnout is absolutely crucial to any hope of Republican victory, especially when it comes to local offices.  
CurtQ June 17, 2021
| | |
It's obvious that the Presidency was stolen. To think that the votes of our military servicemembers were stolen really makes me sick. Penalties should be swift and severe. This is Treason.
Yep June 17, 2021
| | |
The republic is dead.  Get what you can and get out.
Yitbarek Fessehaie-redah June 17, 2021
| | |
This would be such a fantastic job done in a Banana Republic. You could not make this one up, could you? I mean this is the U S A, for crying out loud!! Do the Democrats know what they were doing? If that is the level of competence, is it any wonder we have sleepy Joe fumbling in office???  They could not organize a piss-up in a brewery...!!!
huey6367 June 17, 2021
| | |
I have hardbelieving he received ONE vote from anyone in the military
[…] BUSTED! Sample of 950 Military Ballots Audited In Georgia, ALL Given to Biden […]
grrumpa May 26, 2021
| | |
The politicos of virtually every other nation on this earth must be either laughing or shaking their heads about the corrupt government we have. As others have already said, there is no way Biden legitimately won the election last year. But, unless there is some kind of uprising or coup, we will have to live with it. I'm an old white veteran that used to love his country. What happened? We are no better than China, Iran, or Russia. We used to be though. It's truly disgusting.
John May 25, 2021
| | |
? I randomly polled around 500 people, not one vote for Obiden!
Michael White May 25, 2021
| | |
We are officially a Banana Republic!
Lorraine E Blazich May 25, 2021
| | |
Our best and bravest men and women in the military almost always vote Republican.  So the phony report of 950 of 950 votes were for biden is an outright LIE and just another example of the huge fraud the 2020 election was.  So what is going to be done about the fraudulent 2020 election?  Are we going to have an illegal president in office for four years?  Does anyone believe for even one moment that there will be anything left of our country after biden's puppet masters have done everything possible to destroy our country for a full four years?
[…] BUSTED! Sample of 950 Military Ballots Audited In Georgia, ALL Given to Biden […]
Richard Brown May 25, 2021
| | |
So what, nothing will be done about it. So disappointed with our federal government and how corrupt it it.