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Alert: Georgia Judge Will Decertify Election When Fraud Is Proven


The Populous Press noted:

On the Saturday episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room, Dr. Peter Navarro goes through the election fraud receipts in Georgia, with over 600,000 illegal votes in a race decided by less than 12,000. He precisely points out how and why they are the next state to do a full forensic ballot audit like what’s going on in Arizona now, especially after what that audit finds.

Navarro begins by discussing an agreement that Governor Kemp and his Secretary of State Raffensperger signed months before the election.  This and other agreements with the Democrats were the beginning of the corrupt 2020 election in Georgia:

EXCLUSIVE: A Second Agreement In Georgia Between Democrats and Gwinnett County Is Discovered – This Illegitimate Deal Needs to Be Addressed

Well, Georgia DID stand up and the auction is going forward.

An audit is only the first step.  What we really need is a judge who is willing to ACT if the data comes back as expected.  It appears we have exactly that in this case …

Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Radio host John Fredericks joined Steve Bannon and The War Room on Monday morning.

John Fredericks reported today that Judge Amero is going to start DECERTIFYING the election in Georgia if it is determined that there are ballots that were counted twice.

John Fredericks: If Judge Amero makes a declaratory judgment that counterfeit ballots were there and some of them were counted twice, that’s the possibility here. He’s going to demand that Governor Kemp hold a special session and they are going to start decertifying elections. Trump-Biden, Senate race…

Knowing the amount of fraud that occurred in Georgia, this is massive!’

Via The Storm Has Arrived.


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ROY S. MALLMANN II August 4, 2021
| | |
When the election fraud is shown in GEORGIA, PENNSYLVANIA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, ARIZONA, as well as in other states, such as VIRGINIA where we already know when , where, and how it happened by forensic analysis, which was proven by the 24/7 live feed of EDISON RESEARCH which is the official source of vote totals, as it shows by the 10th of a second each votes that are counted in each and every location along with votes from the opposing candidate at the same time.  This is especially effective when votes for Trump were switched for Joe Biden, when you see Trump losing votes whie bidens rise by the same amount.  This also showed up on MSNBC during their broadcast NINE TIMES where they did not hide the screen quick enough.  There is no reason why ballot totals go down for a candidate or a candidate has votes followed by a decimal point other that outright voter fraud.  This has been a gotcha moment for the DEMOCRAT PARTY and we are seeing how they are covering it up.  As the states are faced with massive fraud in their elections, they will have to de-certify or withdraw their electoral votes.  If the remaining electoral votes show a candidate did not win, they will have to resign.  And you cannot break the laws of the Constitution and then expect that same Constitution to protect you after you failed to follow the Constitution in the first place.
Philip Hammersley July 10, 2021
| | |
 Unfortinately in this case, the Constitution provides NO way to overturn the election.  These stories are informative but basically click bait.  At this point, Senile Joe can ONLY be removed by impeachment or the 25th Amendment. Stirring up false hope is NOT helpful!
paw July 10, 2021
| | |
Kemp and Raffensperger ought to be given a life line... the kind that hangs over a trap door; I have always held the view, a RINO is worse than a democrat and they have proved me right again.Fraud vitiates EVERYTHING.... EVERYTHING.When this fraud is exposed AND confirmed and the electoral votes are recalled then the Supreme Court will be left with no alternative but to act... quoting Sidney Powell.... and once again... Fraud vitiates EVERYTHING. 
Mary A. Baker July 10, 2021
| | |
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Craig Schroeder July 9, 2021
| | |
Well, Georgia DID stand up and the auction is going forward.  I like the article, like the great news, like the picture, however, I think that sentence that I copied from the article should use the word "Audit" not "auction".
Ruth B. Watkins July 9, 2021
| | |
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vladilyich July 9, 2021
| | |
You can find all the corrupt judges you want and they can "decertify" anything..  If makes NO difference constitutionally.  It is as meaningless as conservatives
houses for sale July 5, 2021
| | |
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Colleen313 June 16, 2021
| | |
You want us to share your articles but I just can't when they include errors like this one:  - the auction is going forward - Audit, audit, audit! Proof read BEFORE you publish! I share only porfessionally written articles. Not artcles that appear like a jr high school student wrote them. I was unable to find where a judge literally said he will decertify the election. I could only find where John suggests he may. Honest reporting is more valued than fake headlines. 
Roger Moen June 16, 2021
| | |
I don't think it matters if they decertify the election. The Electoral Collage is the one that elects the President. And since those in the collage can vote anyway they want and do not have to go by the election results, a new vote would mean nothing if they can vote the same as last time.
ROY S. MALLMANN II May 25, 2021
| | |
While the Democrat Party activists and their minions hacked and manipulated the machines to steal a lot of votes, the real damage was done by the tsunami of fake forged ballots that were dropped in huge dumps and criminally received at the counting centers after the midnight election day deadline, after which and votes received after the midnight deadline are considered null and void.  Enfircing the law and eliminating the fake forged ballot will end enough of the fraud to turn the election back to Trump as well as restore the wins to the Republican Senate and House candidates.  The amount of fruad was massive and people need to go to prison for it.
j mattix May 25, 2021
| | |
If enough discrepancies are discovered to decertify these results ans the results of other states so that the final electoral collee results would be overturned, would there be a process to instill Donald Trump as president ?  Just a thought.