OMG Kamala Harris Enlists An Army of Karens To Go Door To Door Intimidating People Into Getting Injected


There is a great … and obvious reason why people (even Democrats) despise Kamala Harris … the woman is as phony and self serving as anyone on God’s green Earth.

Kamala may be the least likable person in politics but that has not stopped the deep state and master of the Democrat party from installing her one heartbeat form the Oval Office.

Instead of heading to the border (which, let’s be serious, would do no good seeing as she doesn’t know the first thing about … well, anything other than being the right ‘color’ and plumbing to check the CCP’s boxes for a VP) Kamala is telling people to intimidate others into getting an experimental injection.

If this virus is so dangerous, are we sure we want people going door to door hounding and shaming others, who are not ‘vaccinated’, into get ‘the jab?’  I can tell you one thing … you better not show up on my door giving me unsolicited medical advice, that’s for damn sure!

Christina Laila of The Gateway Pundit writes:

‘Kamala Harris told left-wing activists to knock on doors to pressure people to get vaccinated as Biden’s July 4th vaccine goal is likely to fall short.

The Biden Admin set a goal to fully vaccinate 70% of Americans by July 4th.

Americans are refusing to get the Covid vaccine for many different reasons, but the Biden Admin is pushing for 70% vaccination so they can wield power over the unvaccinated.

This has nothing to do with saving lives.

It’s all about power.

Kamala Harris told so-called ‘volunteers’ in Atlanta to knock on doors and harass people who may be hesitating to get the vaccine for one reason or another.

Harris even gave the activists several pointers on how to overcome objections.

“For example, if you knock on the door and someone says they ‘don’t have the time to get the vaccine’ — because people are busy. They’re just trying to just make it through the day. Or they say that pharmacies are never open when they do have time, well, let’s address that. Because now, you can let them know that pharmacies across our country are keeping their doors open for 24 hours on Fridays in June, including today. Because we need to meet people where they are! Some folks are working two jobs…” Harris said.

“And what if they say they can’t miss work? Well, you can tell them that there are employers across the country who are offering paid time off for their employees to get vaccinated and we want to encourage and challenge more employers to do the same,’ she said.

Have young children? Kamala’s got you covered.

“Other folks who need time to recover after they get the shot, right? And may need a little moment where they need some help with their kids. So we have partnered with the YMCA, with KinderCare, and the Learning Care Group to provide free childcare for both vaccination and recovery. We need to meet people where they are.”

“You might run across people as you’re out talking and knocking, folks might say, ‘I don’t have a car’ or ‘there’s no public transportation or bus that comes by my house.’ And that’s fair, because how can we expect them to get to a vaccination site? Well, now, as part of the solution, rideshare companies are giving free rides to and from vaccination centers,” Kamala said.’



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Wingnut June 23, 2021
| | |
Call the police and report the Karen for criminal tresspass.
Bruce H June 23, 2021
| | |
I would simply tell any ‘Karen’ to “Piss Off!!” and close my door!!
Jesse June 23, 2021
| | |
I leave discussions of this nature to my shotgun. They can come but they might not leave at least not breathing. I give one leave order then my shotgun does all the talking after that. If the Ho were to show up I might let the shotgun start the conversation instead of my saying get off my property. But like Pedo Joe she is GUTLESS and would NEVER come to any place to give a shot to someone.