Cover Ups

Not Only Did He Know, He Covered It Up … Now He’s Busted!


Brad Raffensperger and his lawyer, Ryan Germany were aware of cheating in Georgia on election night. So why did Raffensperger try to claim that the election there was the safest and most secure election in history?

Isn’t it obvious? He is immune from telling the truth. Besides, it’s not as if he isn’t a liberal plant. He is. It’s now up to the people of Georgia to kick him out of office next election.

Raffensperger sent a man to Fulton County to report on the vote-counting there that was a total indictment of the Fulton County machine.

Both he and his lawyer Ryan Germany were aware that votes were run through the machines multiple times and yet claimed the election was honest. Even when videos appeared showing the double and triple-dipping, Raffensperger continued to deny the truth.

Raffensperger even thought that Ralph Jones Sr working in Fulton County wasn’t a conflict of interest even though his son was the spokesman for the Whitlock campaign.

Or that Jones, Shaye Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman took out 5 hidden suitcases of votes after everyone was chased out of the room. The only way either man could claim that no cheating took place was that they were involved in the cover-up.


Unabridged Notes by Jim Hoft

What more proof did they need? And if they did need more proof, why didn’t they investigate what went on? They cannot deny they were aware of what went on that night, so the only thing we are safe in assuming is that they agreed with what went on.

From The Gateway Pundit

Carter Jones shared this information on Election Night with attorney Ryan Germany.  This showed crimes in that observers were missing.  You can see it in the picture. Jones also claims votes are still being scanned confirming that crime.

Attorney Ryan Germany obtained this information on Election Night and apparently did nothing with it.  He didn’t order an investigation.  He didn’t have people arrested.  He didn’t note that he received this photo and related information of potential crimes being committed with the President of the United States when he had an opportunity to do so.

It’s time that Raffensperger and Ryan Germany are fully investigated for being complicit in potential crimes surrounding the 2020 Election that resulted in them certifying a fraudulent election.

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Babsan June 23, 2021
| |
2020 was the biggest voter fraud project ever arranged and paid for by the Democrat Party and their criminal cohorts/moneymen June 22, 2021
| |
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Lisa June 22, 2021
| |
brad just ordered to have the voter roll cleansed, surprise, surpise, they found 100,000 ineligable voters, why TF didn't he order this BEFORE the election? this man needs to go to prison, him and his attorney