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Military Stands Up To Biden, Absolutely Refuse Orders!


Apparently I am not the only one who has no desire to take the Covid 19 ‘vaccine’.  Never before in human history has there been a vaccine for a coronavirus in human history.

Even ABC news explained ‘We’ve never made a successful vaccine for a coronavirus before. This is why it’s so difficult’

For those pinning their hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine to return life to normal, an Australian expert in vaccine development has a reality check — it probably won’t happen soon.

The reality is that this particular coronavirus is posing challenges that scientists haven’t dealt with before, according to Ian Frazer from the University of Queensland.

Professor Frazer was involved in the successful development of the vaccine for the human papilloma virus which causes cervical cancer — a vaccine which took years of work to develop.’

YEARS TO DEVELOP … either they have been working on this vaccine for longer than they have been telling us, or God intervened, or, the whole thing does not add up.

It may be a mix of all these

Newsmax is reporting:

‘By the thousands, U.S. service members are refusing or putting off the COVID-19 vaccine as frustrated commanders scramble to knock down internet rumors and find the right pitch that will persuade troops to get the shot.

Some Army units are seeing as few as one-third agree to the vaccine. Military leaders searching for answers believe they have identified one potential convincer: an imminent deployment. Navy sailors on ships heading out to sea last week, for example, were choosing to take the shot at rates exceeding 80% to 90%.

Air Force Maj. Gen. Jeff Taliaferro, vice director of operations for the Joint Staff, told Congress on Wednesday that “very early data” suggests that just up to two-thirds of the service members offered the vaccine have accepted.

That’s higher than the rate for the general population, which a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation put at roughly 50%. But the significant number of forces declining the vaccine is especially worrisome because troops often live, work and fight closely together in environments where social distancing and wearing masks, at times, are difficult.

The military’s resistance also comes as troops are deploying to administer shots at vaccination centers around the country and as leaders look to American forces to set an example for the nation.

“We’re still struggling with what is the messaging and how do we influence people to opt in for the vaccine,” said Brig. Gen. Edward Bailey, the surgeon for Army Forces Command. He said that in some units just 30% have agreed to take the vaccine, while others are between 50% and 70%. Forces Command oversees major Army units, encompassing about 750,000 Army, Reserve and National Guard soldiers at 15 bases.

At Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where several thousand troops are preparing for future deployments, the vaccine acceptance rate is about 60%, Bailey said. That’s “not as high as we would hope for front-line personnel,” he said.

Bailey has heard all the excuses.

“I think the most amusing one I heard was, ‘The Army always tells me what to do, they gave me a choice, so I said no’,” he said.

Service leaders have vigorously campaigned for the vaccine. They have held town halls, written messages to the force, distributed scientific data, posted videos, and even put out photos of leaders getting vaccinated.

For weeks, the Pentagon insisted it did not know how many troops were declining the vaccine. On Wednesday they provided few details on their early data.

Officials from individual military services, however, said in interviews with The Associated Press that refusal rates vary widely, depending on a service member’s age, unit, location, deployment status and other intangibles.

The variations make it harder for leaders to identify which arguments for the vaccine are most persuasive. The Food and Drug Administration has allowed emergency use of the vaccine, so it’s voluntary. But Defense Department officials say they hope that soon may change.

“We cannot make it mandatory yet,” Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis, commander of the Navy’s 2nd Fleet, said last week. “I can tell you we’re probably going to make it mandatory as soon as we can, just like we do with the flu vaccine.”

About 40 Marines gathered recently in a California conference room for an information session from medical staff. One officer, who was not authorized to publicly discuss private conversations and spoke on condition of anonymity, said Marines are more comfortable posing questions about the vaccine in smaller groups.

The officer said one Marine, citing a widely circulated and false conspiracy theory, said: “I heard that this thing is actually a tracking device.” The medical staff, said the officer, quickly debunked that theory, and pointed to the Marine’s cellphone, noting that it’s an effective tracker.’

I understand everyone has different risk profiles for both the vaccine and the virus and I am not trying to tell you what you should do, everyone needs to make their own decision on these things.

Also, as you know, I’m not a doctor so take what I say with a gain of salt 😉


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Adjoich June 6, 2021
| | |
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Bruce June 3, 2021
| | |
That is a pitiful article.  That's why I'm canceling you.
David June 2, 2021
| | |
So the liberal women claiming that it's their body you can't make them not get abortion their choice?  Yeah even though it's our body the government thinks they can force you to get a shot only differences instead of taking something out you're putting something in?  still my body my choice ! That's the big rally and cry of the abortionist so why not?? 
James Nelson England June 2, 2021
| | |
My wife and I took the shots, but I do not believe it should be force on any one. I am a Polio Survior, and now I have post Polio Sydrome. Even though I took the Polio vacaine. I had Polio when I was two back in 1951. The only reason I took this shot was my health, and my wife insited I take it. I know some day I will die, but Praise be to God I know where I'm going.  
Elwood P Sugens. June 2, 2021
| | |
Just take the shot,Why would they lie?
james mattix June 2, 2021
| | |
can you imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be forced to take it----- for a disease so deadly you hsve to be tested to see if you have it ????
Brenda June 2, 2021
| | |
Just say no.  It is not a vaccine.  It will change your DNA, and there are repercussions, especially for women who are pregnant or hope to get pregnant.  It is made to depopulate the world.  Follow the science; nondemocratic medical people are trying to get the word out.
Colin Fuller June 2, 2021
| | |
When will people wake up to the fact that its not about the virus, its about the injection. I dont call it a vaccine because it isn't, it is a Bio weapon. It is all to do with population control, you are the Human guinea pigs in a world wide trial, if you take this injection.
Original Anna June 2, 2021
| | |
Well, good thing nobody turned down the polio shot or we would still have people dying or paralyed from polio. That was a first shot for a first disease that we didn't even get it was being carried by flies. Well, I didn't care I got the polio shot since four kids in our school got it and nobody saw them again.  Disease have killed billions through the centuries and if I live in an era where I have a chance to get a shot against diseases, I take it because I know we can die in a second from anything, any accident but if I have a chance to not die from a disease, I am for it. I rather live today with all the medical advances they have and I have benefited from these advances many times over. Yes, I know, some people are not as lucky as I have been with disease shots and I pray there will be a day when nobody is affected badly from disease shots, that's what I pray for.
Dan June 2, 2021
| | |
I was in the military in 1976 an force Swine flu Vaccine...Totally Paralyzed me to the point I had to have my eyes taped shut as I couldn't close them.. Even 45 plus later still live in pain an a wheelchair..take food through a tube..Googe 60 minutes 1976 swine flu an watch how Big Pharm an the CDC work hand in hand to CON/LIE to push a UNTESTED TRIAL VACCINE.. 
Dick Palmer May 7, 2021
| | |
Bad leaders in the military will destroy our troops.God help us.When I was in the Marines in 68 I never thought about this kind of thing.We did not have a choice.We took our shots and kept going.But government poisened us in other ways.The real reason for the military is to take patriotic people and let them die in un winable wars to make money for the Elite!They do not care about human lives.This way 99% of the people stay entertained with sports,drugs,food,and PC.By the time they find out they are suckers and slaves it will be to late.
Oldclimber May 7, 2021
| | |
“We’re still struggling with what is the messaging ... " ...(that we can integrate with the numerous lies that the administration puts out) "and how do we influence people to opt in for the vaccine,”
Red May 7, 2021
| | |
Taking Moderna could get you a bad case of tinnitus!
Dick palmer March 10, 2021
| | |
They havent cured any thing sense Polio!Why would any one trust the CDC,FDA or WHO to do you any good?They kill way more people than they help with there fu#ked up medications.This Vaccine IS the mark of the BEAST.Look at what is happening in Israel right now.
wrausch March 9, 2021
| | |
The General says the military is struggling trying to get the soldiers to take the shot. WTH? If it was safe, needed, or actually worked, he wouldn't have that "problem" would he? Why should there be a shot for a "problem" that over 98% of people recover from? Let's quit pretending this "virus" is about anything other than control!
Don March 9, 2021
| | |
Way to go Military !! Stand your ground ! This Adimin. is NOT America Friendly.
Skeptical March 9, 2021
| | |
"‘For those pinning their hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine to return life to normal, an Australian expert in vaccine development has a reality check — it probably won’t happen soon." Anyone waiting for their individual civil liberties to be restored by another, wait in vain. An individual must retake their own authority, and extract personal civil liberties out of their untrustworthy servants hand, and return it themselves. This is true for everyone, but specifically for England, Canada and Australia. You all know better.
Fed Up With the Sell-Out March 9, 2021
| | |
A phony $$$ vaccine $$$ for a phony plannedemic. How much lower can this country sink?
Willard Rockwell February 18, 2021
| | |
Unlike the author, I AM telling you what to do. Do not take this vaccine under any circumstances. It is for emergency use only, not approved for any other, and for good reason. Already causing damage, paralysis, miscarriages and death. For a virus tgat kills virtually no one. Utter nonsense.
Sandra Lee Smith February 18, 2021
| | |
Those are NOT "internet rumors", but TRUTHS, everyone should be told in order to make informed decisions about their personal health and well-being!
Bob R. February 18, 2021
| | |
I WILL NOT take the vaccine and at 71 am in a "high risk" group. I haven't been sick in 45 years. The last time was the only time I ever got a flu shot and missed 3 weeks work with the flu within a week of getting the shot. the coronavirus has been hyped out of proportion to its danger. I WILL NOT wear a mask either!!!!!
Oldwolf February 18, 2021
| | |
The delusional democrats have no more idea then trump did ,how to stop the virus even tho they cryed they can fix it ... they have the answer they said . Untill now that is . Now they have no idea what their doing . So what's the difference when trump said the same ... Trump said it ... that's it . The delusional democrats have no idea what the hell their doing so they promise everything but deliver nothing . But still trumps the problem lol . Ship of fools is what they are . A slow sinking ship at that . They will see yall dead befor telling the truth about everything they promise . No integrity left
John Grychak February 18, 2021
| | |
SJHPW February 18, 2021
| | |
It technically isn't a vaccine.
Donna February 18, 2021
| | |
No one has the rights to demand that you take that vaccine. Those who don't want to take it, stick to your rights and tell them no. Freedom of your thoughts. Way to many are forcing others to do what they want you to do. DON'T DO IT.
PC February 18, 2021
| | |
Tis is an issue I have been pissed about since the Pandemic started. We have never needed a vaccine. the medications to boost the immune system have existed for over 60 years. We know Vitamins boost the immune system. We have known for many decades that specific vitamins kill almost every virus there is and combining those vitamins protects the body from all kinds of infections, viral or bacterial. I personally worked with viral and bacterial infections for over 20 years. I take vitamin-C, D, Zinc, E, and magnesium every day. Fauci said this virus is new and we know nothing about it, We have no medications to treat it. He could say that because the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference)does not have Covid-19 printed any where in it. Fauci was researching the family of coronaviruses before the DHS shut down his research. Swollen airways (Asthma) swollen blood vessels (premature labor Terbutyline Sulfate works as an aerosol in airways and given IV works in Blood vessels. Fauci insisted we needed 110,000 ventilators at $40,000 each. where are they, in warehouses because you cant use them on patients whose air ways are swollen shut. I graduated my medical training in 1980 and the CDC protocols were wrong then and have not been corrected since. Everything I told the government over a year ago is proving to be correct by recent research. I am thoroughly disgusted with the AMA response. Has anyone checked Fauci's Stock portfolio?
JIM February 18, 2021
| | |
They can give my dose to Joe Biden.
Randy131 February 18, 2021
| | |
I'm sorry, but it is not a vaccine, it is a DNA changer, just as scientist changed the DNA in some of our crops to be resistant to diseases and drought, they are now changing our DNA to fight off this virus, what will they do for the next virus, change our DNA again, and then again, and so on for as long as they discover new viruses? What will the human race end up being after all these DNA changes, certainly not what GOD made us to be. Ironically on the SciFi side, you can find YouTube videos of time travelers being interviewed on the internet, and when they were asked if they are human, they have all declared that they are not, even though they look human, they have declared that their DNA has been changed and that they are no longer human. Interesting coincidence!? Is it not? Look up the companies that have made these vaccines and see what they are calling it, because they are not labeling it a vaccine, the government is doing that.
tunamister February 18, 2021
| | |
Leroy February 18, 2021
| | |
Why are the Commie Dems treating OUR Troops like they were 2nd class citizens??
Grace Bruno February 18, 2021
| | |
What are people afraid of. Its not as bad as the seasonal flu and if you're born with an immune system you have a 99.9% chance at recovery. I've never seen anything like this in America. Running from a virus. Was anyone aware we had 10M cases of drug resistant TB last year and 1.5M people in the U.S. died. Life goes on, I feel like I'm living in the twilight zone. If I get it I'll recover .. who the hell cares. Grow Up people.
Jean February 18, 2021
| | |
Good for them.
robert powell February 18, 2021
| | |
i have COPD and will never take a vaccine designed and built by anyone asoaciated with bill gates and his group of killers. gates and bloomberg are owners of the lab and equipment in is a military weapons lab.
Carol February 18, 2021
| | |
Good for the military! I'm proud of you.
Carol February 18, 2021
| | |
Interesting as I am in no hurry to get the vaccine either. People have had bad reactions and I don't want to be one who does. Not all have bad reactions but how do I know ahead of time if I will or not? I am 82 and have no family and live completely alone.