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FBI Raids Home Of Combat Veteran Over Trump Rally, His Baby Dies The Next Day


The Left and their button men and women in the MSM are trying to use the disaster/tragedy that occurred at the Capitol on the 6th of January as an excuse to round up as many Trump supporters as possible.  Not only are they using it to round up anyone who was there, they are intimidating everyone on the right, hoping to force them to submit to the Marxist takeover.

As we have said before we completely condemn the people who broke into the Capitol on the 6th.  We support peaceful civil disobedience, not violence.  Not only because instigating physical violence is wrong, but it is also not effective, just look at how the events of the 6th have been used to demonize everyone to the right of Mao.

In a terrible tragedy, it appears that an over the top FBI raid of a harmless, selfless military man of over 20 years’s home has resulted in the death of his and his wife’s baby.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting:

‘The wife of a decorated combat veteran who was inside the Capitol suffered a miscarriage one day after the FBI raided their home.

Christopher Kuehne maintains that he had traveled to the Capitol to protect Trump-supporting civilians from Antifa. Inside the Capitol, he was seen on video cleaning up trash before, he says, he helped to clear people out so police could get control of the situation.’

** Those who wish to help them fight can do so here.

In the early morning of February 11, Kuehne, his pregnant wife Annette, and their four-year-old child were awakened to sirens, cell phone rings, and bursts of colorful lights reflecting through their windows.

“The FBI instructed Chris to come outside immediately. Our 4-year-old was awakened from the chaos. I picked him up and ran downstairs to open the front door. Our house was completely surrounded by armed FBI and law enforcement, armored tactical vehicles, and police vehicles that extended throughout the community. For a second, I didn’t realize that there were about twenty FBI SWAT Team members with semi-automatic rifles pointed at my son and I because I was distracted by the bright red lasers pointed at our faces, chests, and various points on my 4-year-old son and I,” Annette wrote in a statement provided to the Gateway Pundit.

Annette wrote that “there is a bite in the air, snow still on the ground, our 4-year-old is crying and with guns drawn FBI SWAT storm through as I carried my son barefoot in the cold. Hours later, after the FBI left our home, I found myself on the phone calling anyone I could think of for help. Neighbors contacted me to ask if I needed anything, as I was in shock from what just happened. I didn’t realize what else was happening, as if this isn’t enough.”

‘The following day, she went to the hospital because she was feeling a sharp pain in her abdomen and bleeding. It was the baby.’ the Gateway Pundit reported.

“While in the doctor’s office, a nurse comes into the room and tells me that I need to have emergency surgery or I will bleed to death. She then escorts me to the emergency department,” Annette wrote. “I lost the baby.”

“To make matters worse, there was no way I could contact Chris at home to notify him of what was happening. I contacted a neighbor to inform Chris that I would be in immediate emergency surgery. I later found out that when the neighbor told Chris what was happening, he just broke down and cried uncontrollably with no way to go to, help, and comfort me,” she explained.

Her Husband is being charged in the District of Criminals, with ‘Conspiracy; Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Aiding and Abetting; Obstruction of Law Enforcement During Civil Disorder and Aiding and Abetting; Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds and Carrying a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon; Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds and Carrying a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon,’ according to The Gateway Pundit.

Kuehne is a decorated combat veteran who is now retired.  Before retiring he earned many medals and awards including, but not limited to, the Purple Heart, a Navy Commendation Medal with Valor, and a Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal with Valor for actions in combat, according to the Gateway Pundit.  The man has spent over 20 years protecting and serving the citizens of the United States.

Annette, Kuehne’s wife explained that he “was injured in Ramadi, Iraq when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded just feet away throwing him in the air and then thrusting him to the ground. Consequently, Chris has had numerous back surgeries and surgeries relating to his injuries. He also suffers from chronic PTSD, TBI (often described/referred/or known as the ‘invisible wounds’), and a host of other medical illnesses, injuries, and conditions.”

He is seen in this video taken on January 6th at the Capitol with his back to the camera, picking up trash:

You can read more about their story at The Gateway Pundit: HERE.  or for Those who wish to help them fight can do so here.


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Dave June 8, 2021
| | |
Yea this guy really looks like a menace to society to me. What the hell are these asshole liberals thinking. 5hey should be the ones charged with a crime , which should be fucking treason for disregarding their oaths to support and defend the US constitution. From what I see that's what this guy did for 20 years while serving in the marines.
Patriot American June 8, 2021
| | |
His baby was murdered by the demorats and their brown shirt nazi minions.  
Ian June 7, 2021
| | |
We desperately need Trump to clean out FBI and Justice dept. criminals and scum like this.
Ort June 7, 2021
| | |
Because no normal person will do this to American citizens, the Luciferian Leftists are replacing them with jackbooted toadies who will. We must water the Tree soon......
Randy131 June 7, 2021
| | |
This was unnecessary and wrong, papers consisting of a warrant could have been served by two FBI agents during the day with the same rusults, except not with scaring a four year old child, and causing a miscarriage of a pregnant woman, and disrupting an entire neighborhood in the middle of the night.   Since the same unnecessary type of actions were taken against Roger Stone, a person in his seventies, with a wife suffering from cancer, I blame FBI Dircror Christopher Wray for using Fascist and Nazi tactics of excessive force to arrest peaceful well established citizens that would need only to be served papers of a warrant by two FBI agents during normal business hours.   Instead FBI Director Christopher Wray likes to use KabuKi Theatre for political reasons, of trying to insinuate to the public that these men are guilty dangerous criminals, ruining any local jury pool of thinking these men may be innocent of the charges against them, and not consider them innocent until proven guilty by the simple method that they had to be arrested in this manner. This just goes to prove that the USA has already been made into a communist state, because it doesn't have to accept complete socialism to be a communist state, the government only has to disregard and usurp the people's rights and freedoms, in favor of one political party, while that political party also refuses to enforce our laws, and have other laws changed or rewritten on the benches of political bias judges in favor of that same political power, setting free criminals that have commiteed serious and dire crimes, such as violent riots, looting, and arson to cover-up their crimes, and nobody ever held accountable accept for the opposition party, which the FBI is now doing with these actions against only Republican peaceful protecters, while the few real guilty criminals arested in the criminal act, but belong to the favored political party, are set free without prosecution, as law enforcement personnel are ordered to stand down while criminals who favor that favored political party are allowed to break our laws with impunity.  That is real "COMMUNISM", and it's here in the USA right now, thanks to the ruling Democrat Party. In Russia it was the Communist Party that was the favored politcal party that benefitted from the lawlessness of communism, but in the USA it is the Democrat Party that is the favored political party that benefits from the lawlessness of communism, and the ordering of law enforcemnet officers to stand down, while innocent people & police officers are physically harmed & killed, businesses are looted & destroyed, and large swathes of the commercial districts in these lawless Democrat runned cities are burned down through the act of arson to cover-up the evidence of their crimes, those Antifa & BLM organizations that the Democrat Party supports, promotes, and protects.  Our rights and freedoms are now at the discretion and timing of the Democrats, just as the Bolsheviks did in Lenin's Russia, the Fascists did in Mussolini's Italy, the Nazis did in Hitler's Germany, and today the Democrats' (Antifa & BLM) are doing in Biden's USA.
chekwriter June 7, 2021
| | |
This is extreeme over reaction to what happened that day. The Powers that be, Ms PELOSI and Company totally are over reacting and attacking any citizen who happened to be within a stone throw of the capitol. Outraegous. This family is now torn apart and this lady's life is now in danger. SHe could have continuously medical problems because of the outraegous raid on their home. Appalling. 
Doris Burgess June 7, 2021
| | |
What the FBI did was absolutely disgusting!  They are acting like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany!  I once held the FBI in high regard--but no longer!  I am ashamed of them and the damage they are doing to our country!  I want to know who is authorizing such raids against an American citizen and a Veteran.  
Gerald S Ladd June 7, 2021
| | |
Remember when the nigger weaponized all the three letter agencies against republicans? It's still going on.
Orange peel June 7, 2021
| | |
Shame on our government and China joe and this administration. Shame on DOJ and FBI for this sickening act of treason against the American people. Nancy Pelosi plan the this on the capital building. All should be hung for treason.
graceythecat June 7, 2021
| | |
Just as in communist china so goes it in our United States of America with gun drawn raids on anyone that does not support the communoist regime that has taken over the deocrat party. Remember only you can prevent communism in America!
Carline Long Jr. June 7, 2021
| | |
Where are the Republican voices telling them to Let Our People GO!  They have held them hostage for over 4 months!! Why no Republican help to get their people out????  And the republicans want us to send money?? FOR WHAT!
whoah this weblog is excellent i love studying your posts.
Russell Wauchope March 24, 2021
| | |
I sure wish I could read others' comments, but although I see a message saying there are 8 comments, none of them show up no matter what I do. Maybe your security settings are too high! Although I do like your content, I'd also like to read the comments- so I hope you'll fix this problem soon.
Dan March 23, 2021
| | |
"As we have said before we completely condemn the people who broke into the Capitol on the 6th. We support peaceful civil disobedience, not violence. Not only because instigating physical violence is wrong . . ." Hmmmm . . . what about the War of Independence?? That only created the most free people in the world. A fact that most everyone else in the world understands and are dying to get here, by any means possible. Our form of "government" wasn't based on the Constitution, it was based on the Declaration of Independence and declares that it is our responsibility and duty as "The People" to change it if it doesn't accomplish the purpose for which we created it. It has has completely violated its Constitutional mandates and violated its oaths of office and now threatens its citizens with retribution if they don't submit. It should also be noted that the only "violence" during the Jan 6th event was the murder accomplished by the government police.
Seb March 23, 2021
| | |
Where are the vigilantes ofthe old Wesr ? We need to take back our Country anyway we can . You are Blind to not see what th Demonic Democrats are doing. They stole our Election,we need to steal it back. NOw
The Iceman March 23, 2021
| | |
If the FBI went after MS13 as hard as they do against Conservatives they would be doing their job. This is crazy.
Dick Palmer March 23, 2021
| | |
It is very obvious that our own government has turned against patriotic people.It looks like WAR.Communist FBI new look is just like the SS during Hitlers rule.Black with sculls on the collar.It is hard to believe that this shet has come this far?So now we know who will go door to door after our guns and freedom.THE FBI.
Gail Davis March 23, 2021
| | |
That whole thing should not have ever happened to that family! Pelosi orchestrated that whole thing at the Capitol and should be placed in jail. She is mentally ill and her hatred for President Trump she would do anything and try to get away with it.
Recce1 March 23, 2021
| | |
Could they police be charged with causing her miscarriage? In liberal 'Merica no way!
Neen March 23, 2021
| | |
I want to know where in the hell is justice anymore?Neen
Medic RN March 22, 2021
| | | more clean elections, no more free assembly without Antifa makeing it into a riot, no more borders, no more nations, no more families, no more xmas, no more Christians, no more guns,no more citizenship, no more pledge, masks forever, distancing, no more Constitution, no more Supreme Court, no more FBI, no more justice, no more rule of law, no more sworn officers, soldiers or cops, no more America. Hey? We're Somalia ! Obama, Pelosi, Schiff, Swalwell, Schumer, Nadler, Durbin & liberal Democrat socialists destroyed America in 2 months.