FBI Leader: ‘People Around Trump, Including Congressman’ Need To Be Rounded Up [Video]


Chuck Todd hosted a former FBI leader who promoted the idea that people around President Trump, including members of the US House of Representatives and US Senate who supported Trump need to be rounded up and arrested for “Domestic Terrorism” based on his feelings about the events of Jan. 6th.

Former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI @FrankFigliuzzi1says:

“There must be intelligence and security reforms in the wake of Jan. 6 or we may see this happen again.”

The mythology around January 6th at the US Capitol has given the left a great deal of coverage to push anti-American propaganda and to attack supporters of President Donald J. Trump.  It is well known that the audience at the Capitol that day made up both supporters of Trump’s, professional agitators, and leftist activists; however, the only people being discredited for the event that unfolded are Trump supporters.

That is because the narrative is helpful to a full-on Marxist political movement.  Now there is proof from a recent Meet The Press appearance that the left, in fact, is planning to keep promoting the political messaging that American conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters are “low-level operatives” who need to be rounded up and arrested, including lawmakers who were “sitting around the former President.”

Arresting low-level operatives is merely a speed bump not a road block,” @FrankFigliuzzi1says. “In order to really tackle terrorism … you’ve got to attack and dismantle the command and control element.” “That may mean people sitting in Congress right now.”

Figliuzzi, a radical far-leftist and former assistant FBI direction, is now a talk show host pushing anti-American propaganda on cable TV.

In the following video, Figliuzzi lays the foundation for his utopian power grab and political persecution of his opponents, something the left is highly sensitive to when anyone even attempts to hold leftist lawmakers to account for pushing Marxism

Figliuzzi is a sort of actor, selling books and podcasts on his dramatic rendition of current events, demonizing his political opponents as the “bad guys” in his fantasy utopian – Marxist works.

MSNBC also hosted the FBI bookseller, who is pushing a radical use of the media for what looks a lot like soviet style political theater and media trials.


Apparently, Figliuzzi has forgotten all about Due Process right for Americans.

“I’ll be joining coverage throughout the morning of the release of this Senate report: Capitol Police didn’t act on warnings Trump backers would breach Capitol, target Democrats, report says ⁦@MSNBC”

“We’re watching a slow-moving train wreck, and it needs to get derailed quickly, or it’s going to crash, and the train that’s crashing is essentially our form of democracy. The insurrection’s not over in a very real sense” – @FrankFigliuzzi1w/@NicolleDWallace”


“Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is reportedly under FBI investigation over possible campaign finance law violations while at his former business. It’s not a major leap of logic to assume the “campaign fundraising activity” they’re referring to is an alleged straw-donor scheme that funneled questionable cash towards the Republican Party.

These allegations, on top of DeJoy’s manipulation of the U.S. mail during the 2020 election, raise yet another red flag, marking him for what he is: a shady political operative who must be removed from his position of power,” Figliuzzi wrote.


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Karl June 11, 2021
| | |
Come Comrade we have a great place for you to retire, free food, free board, lots of open country around, no nosy tourists, great amounts of fresh air. You won't be lonely we have invited all your friends and cohorts, lots of room for them all, only drawback it's a little cool at times, we call it Gulag Alaska USA. Your handlers are good fellows they will only beat you when you try to leave without proper authority, but please remember this is for the good of America while we destroy the Constitution it's old and outdated and we think it is time to do away with it, so we and our friends can have a free regime to bring Marxism to all these lovely people.  
Lisa June 10, 2021
| | |
this is such BS...hey, we don't prosecute and arrest people for YOUR FEELINGS, you need FACTS, which you don't have, so shove it where the sun don't shine
Jesse June 10, 2021
| | |
What a WILLFULLY IGNORANT FOOL this former FBI man is. First off those who caused the Damage were ANTIFA and BLM TERRORISTS let in by Capital Police on Pelousy's orders. There is a video showing the Police letting them in around the barricades they had put up. This video was shot 20 minutes before records claim they were called to the Capital. The Capital being closed was a VIOLATION of both the Oath of Office members of Congress swear and the CONSTITUTION. This IDIOT needs to learn the Constitution before he starts making such IGNORANT statements. The ones who need to be taken in are those who voted to close the Capital Building to the Public. They are the REAL Criminals.