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Boycott: Owner Of Fox News Spent $20 Million Trying To Remove Trump From Office


To tell you the truth, I stopped watching Fox News a loooooong time ago.

In fairness, I stopped watching cable TV in general as well.  Now, this is not to say that there are not still some great hosts on Fox.  Tucker Carlson is hands down the best show host on TV right now IMHO.  Tucker is not afraid to ask the tough questions and even to push back against the ‘right’ when he thinks they are doing something unethical.

Ingraham is good, Maria Bartiromo is one of the best out there, although she is on Fox Business, it’s all the same to me. Hannity … I want to like Sean, and the times I have met him he has come off like a great, real, down to Earth person who believes what he says, however, his love affair with Lindsey Graham is too much for me.

Graham has proven himself to be a turncoat quisling time and time again.

Anyway … The main reason I do not watch Fox News is that the owners don’t want conservatives to win elections.  Sure, Rupert Murdoch … who isn’t even American, built an empire appalling to conservatives.  Now his kids are working to drown his empire (likely with his consent as he voted for Hillary) and I refuse to fund it.

Newsmax reported:

‘James Murdoch, an heir to the Fox News fortune, spent $20 million opposing Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection while funneling another $100 million through a nonprofit to support leftwing political groups, according to a new report.

James and his wife, Kathryn Murdoch, have largely backed Democrats or liberal, nonpartisan causes, according to CNBC, which found the large contribution while reviewing the 2019 tax return documents of Quadrivium, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit the couple control. Quadrivium was founded in 2014.

It has been widely known that the young Murdochs backed President Joe Biden’s candidacy, but the $100 million for Democrats and other PACs was not well publicized, having been funneled through Quadrivium, CNBC reported.

The Murdoch family is worth $22 billion, according to Forbes.

The family controls Fox Corp and News Corp. James’ brother, Lachlan Murdoch, is CEO of Fox, the parent to Fox News.

While James’ father, 90-year-old billionaire Rupert Murdoch, and brother, Lachlan, are considered staunch Republicans, James has made known to associates that upon his father’s passing he and his more liberal sisters will control the family trust, and thereby Fox News.

Earlier this year, a report in the Financial Times reported that upon gaining control, James and his sisters do not plan on selling Fox News, but will reshape it into an establishment media outlet.

More than $25 million of James and Kathryn’s funding in 2019 went toward grants, including for several political causes, such as fighting climate change and helping voter turnout.

That was not the extent of the funding for the 2020 election cycle, a source close to the family told CNBC, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Quadrivium had $100 million in its coffers going into 2020, the tax document showed — the same year James was CEO of 21st Century Fox before it was bought by Disney for $71 billion. He was also on the board of News Corp. at the time.

Quadrivium has committed over $43 million to climate groups since 2019, and more than $38 million — $14 million in Quadrivium donations and $24 million in individual contributions from the couple — toward election organizations, such as protecting voting rights.”


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kj June 12, 2021
| | |
I stopped watching them right before the election and will not ever return.  I only watch Newsmax.  They have been turning the left corner for some time.
Walters June 11, 2021
| | |
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Bob June 11, 2021
| | |
Watch Newsmax , Golden State Times, Sky News Australia (not Britain) 
messup June 11, 2021
| | |
In 1999, Rupert Murdoch married Wendi Deng, a Chinese -American (Rupert helped her get a green card). Wendi Deng was a chinese spy.This was obvious when Rupert worked for MY SPACE's chinese operation...see Rupert didn't speak Chinese, Wendi Deng did and she was a spy. Their divorce netted Wendi "a nice nest egg." This she used for "other endeavors." Since then, Rupert's mind has wandered so far afield, his cadre of incompetent children and their "hanger's on" literally have finished with "the old man's" empire. One could say, they've "lost their way." Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. KJV. Then, 10 Commandments everywhere. Create Bible Polds and Tutor Pods. Pledge of Allegiance in every school. ASAP.
Original Anna June 11, 2021
| | |
If the parents were republican and made their money on this why would the kids be democrats. Are they being paid by the democrats, what is the problem with the kids. They are rich because their parents were republicans not democrats.  And if the kids do prove to be not true conservatives  or republicans I will simply watch elsewhere as we are beginning to get more conservative republican sources and they are growing not shrinking so when the kids become the bosses it should be pretty easy finding another source. 
Babsan June 11, 2021
| | |
I have pretty much cut out Fox since the election.Don't need another version of Isveztia here in America.
Phuck U. Biden June 11, 2021
| | |
To any Conservative watching FOX News: Stop. Cancel your cable. FOX is the same as CNN but with RHINOs. Don't give them your money.
James Ward June 10, 2021
| | |
How can Rupert not be American, but he voted for Hillary??  Is this voter fraud or faulty reporting?  
Bohdan Fedusiw June 10, 2021
| | |
I can believe anything now...
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