Another Young GOP Rep Dies, Mere Days Before Being Sworn In As Chairman


I still can not get over this, this was not the first one either … ICYMI from right after the inauguration.

What the heck is going on in this country?  This is not the first member of Congress to pass away before the a new set of lawmakers is sworn in.

The most recent one that I know of was a United States Congressman-Elect, not a State rep.  The US Congressman who passed away at 41 years old.   At the time we reported:

’41 years old, and with his whole life in front of him.  What a tragic story.  A man with a bright future and a young family has passed away, and you can guess what the COD is being described as … yup, Covid-19.

This newly elected Republican Congressman was mere days away from being sworn in as a sitting member of the next Congress.  This one just does not sit right with me, but here is what the media is saying.

Fox News is reporting:

Louisiana Republican Rep.-elect Luke Letlow, who was scheduled to be sworn in on Sunday, died Tuesday evening from complications related to COVID-19.’

As for this most recent death Fox News reported:

A state lawmaker who was elected to serve as the Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus chairman in the 2020-21 session has died, the House GOP leader said Saturday.

Rep. Mike Reese, R-Westmoreland/Somerset, “died peacefully with his family by his side Saturday afternoon at Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg following an apparent brain aneurysm,” Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, the Majority Leader, said in a statement also posted on Reese’s official House website and his Facebook page.

Reese was 42.

“More than a friend to all of us, and one of our caucus leaders, Mike was a devoted husband and father,” Benninghoff said, calling Reese “a model legislator who thoughtfully put his constituents first.”‘

Reese is said to have come in contact with, you know, the thing, on Dec 7th and had been quarantining as recommended by the CDC after his exposure and positive test for c-19.

Perhaps I was just not paying attention, but I do not recall seeing so many stories about lawmakers dying right after an election year like this.

There seem to be no signs of fowl play, so the odds are it was just bad luck.  Regardless, it is a strange occurrence none the less.   Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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Thanks, Terry

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EMMA May 3, 2021
| | |
confusednomore May 3, 2021
| | |
they mean the Clinton hit squad got to him
John May 3, 2021
| | |
The Hospitals use complications due to Covid related death so they can get the EXTRA MONEY for treating COVID-19 cases.....The average in patient cost for CoVID treatment for people between 20-35 years of age averaged $35,000.00and ages 35-55 average cost was $45,000.00..All totally covered and paid for by the governmenrt through Medicaid, and Medicare and private Insurance....Hospitals are making money similar to what the oil companies when making when oil was $100 a barrel.....
Ollie May 3, 2021
| | |
Might be some Russian Nuclear Poisen going around , now they realise Demenia Joe is a push over 
Norman Scott May 3, 2021
| | |
A mystery novel is called "Adrian's list" then it evolved into "Hillary's list" Moving forward, we now have the "Demoncrat's leftist list"
VFWmember May 3, 2021
| | |
Only objective ......total take over. To me "ONE" of things that really concerns me.....government take over of health care. Give that a minute to sink in. I'm serious. Free ? They give you it to you free. Just like say were you work....that give it to you free. Then you go to the doctor... then....co-pay. Who pays this much and who pays that much. Who knows...might be 80 years old and told go home and take two aspirin we are short on meds you need. You say that's crazy. That's because right now it's not very realistic. You never been under COMPLETE control of government. There are things that need to be stopped before they began because once it gets rolling it's all down hill. Better start acting. 
Tom May 2, 2021
| | |
I'm not buying that it is a coincidence. Fauci, The Biden crime family, Obamas all, I guarantee you, have an antidote that only the Dems, or Communists know about. Biden thinks he is the New Hitler come to take over the world. They really need to start using the wird "Impeach" when talking about him now before he destroys America any more..  
Skeptical May 2, 2021
| | |
We have to reject the Covid-hoax, and restrain the Progressive Socialist rabidity, before any more Conservatives to be installed in office are knocked-off.
Gerald S Ladd February 17, 2021
| | |
If you believe it was the virus.
JIM February 17, 2021
| | |
Stupid liberals have taken their pettiness to a whole new level.
Kent February 17, 2021
| | |
Is a medical examiner going to confirm the cause of death? Or we to just accept the word of Covid case number inflators?
Myron J. Poltroonian February 16, 2021
| | |
Dear Beltway Staph, Yes, there do seem to be an unusually high number of Premature Gallusian Sport occurring this last election cycle.
bobbie February 16, 2021
| | |
This certainly bears some investigating!!! I have been thinking the same thing; and now we have another one!!! I hope someone is not trying to get rid of our new GOP representatives!!! But, this sounds really, really scary!!! And it is very unusual!!!
Gary February 16, 2021
| | |
This is some strange s--t! Chi coms again maybe? Buckle up more is coming! Gman
Dennis K February 16, 2021
| | |
Are only Republics affected?
John Warren February 16, 2021
| | |
Hmmmmm......Could it be that Hillary's hit squad is back in business ? I put nothing past the current regime. If you aren't equipped to defend your family, your property and yourself, I suggest you get that way.
Barbc February 16, 2021
| | |
Interesting how the comments are not accessible WHY
Beabet February 16, 2021
| | |
Just by accident that so many people have died and GOP members not dems. Humm
Al Barrs February 16, 2021
| | |
You think the Russian practice of using deadly poisons to kill off their perceived enemies was and is big, but China is also responsible for millions of murders for a variety of reasons. The question is how good are autopsies on these young GOP up and coming political leaders? Is the China Communist Party leaders ordering their spies in the US to murder GOP politicians? It seems so...
Veteran February 16, 2021
| | |
I'm glad there was no "fowl play" we wouldn't want ducks involved now!
Richard February 16, 2021
| | |
"foul". Birds ("fowl") apparently not involved, unless maybe there was an unreported re-make of "The Birds" being filmed nearby.
LEON G KENOBBIE February 16, 2021
| | |
This sure is convenient. There will have to be another election, and what do you bet? A Lefty will win! This is just one more issue involving this years 'election!'
Skeptical February 16, 2021
| | |
I do not believe in coincidences, as a rule. Should you?
Shirline February 16, 2021
| | |
There is something very strange going on. Coincidence?
Greg February 16, 2021
| | |
I am not an insider, but I have a fairly good understand of what is going on secretly behind the scenes. Covid is almost always code for "was arrested", when it comes to politicians and other famous or influential people. Depending on other descriptions, it can mean they were arrested, or have been executed for treason or other crimes, or a couple of things in between. I am not saying that is the case in this situation. Somebody may be killing off good guys in the Republican Party in the media/government is calling it covid. Regardless, something awful funky is going on.
GRIZZ MANN January 5, 2021
| | |
The Wuhan Red Death. The best gift the Democrats have gotten from China. “This claim about best is disputed”