White Men Need Not Apply: McDonald Now Hiring Based On Race


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What I don’t understand if that for my entire 39 years on this planet I have been told that we need to judge people based on the content of the charter, not the color of their skin.

Yet, here we are in the year 2021 and it sure seems to me like almost every single decision made about who gets what job in corporate America has more to do with skin color and gentile structure than competence.

No one on the right gives a flying you know what about anything other than a person’s deeds.  We love having a group of friends and co workers who come from diverse backgrounds … PROVIDED that they were selected, not for some superficial reasons but rather because they were the best person for the job.

I would go out on a limb and say that I bet 99% of people wouldn’t want a job if they got it out of petty or a quota based on their race.  Who wants to be the ‘token’ *insert whatever absurd, meaningless characteristic here*?

Well at McDonalds, apparently all those things we were told to ignore growing up are not the MOST important in finding people to fill their jobs.

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit explains:

McDonald’s Corporation announced last week its priorities had switched from delivering delicious food to hitting hiring quotas.

Senior Executive Managers will lose their bonuses if they fail to staff more minorities in senior leadership positions.

The company will have a focus on hiring women and minorities for top positions regardless of their talent and abilities.

The Western Journal reported:

A press release on the McDonald’s website says that part of the bonuses awarded to top company executives will be based upon their efforts to hire women and what the company terms “historically underrepresented groups” for top corporate positions.

“Beginning in 2021, the Company is incorporating quantitative human capital management-related metrics to annual incentive compensation for its Executive Vice Presidents,” the company said.

In addition to the Company’s financial performance, executives will be measured on their ability to champion our core values, improve representation within leadership roles for both women and historically underrepresented groups, and create a strong culture of inclusion within the Company,” the company said.

The company has clear goals. By the end of 2025, 35 percent of the people in jobs that are at the level of senior director and above will be from underrepresented groups. That metric was at 29 percent in 2020, according to the company.

As for women, the company has set a target of having 45 percent of jobs at the level of senior director and above be women. That number was 37 percent as of 2020, according to the company.

Whatever happened to hiring people based on their ability to get the job done FFS?!

This is, on its face, RACIST & SEXIST.  Who would want a joke if the whole time you have to wonder if you only got it because of your skin tone or plumbing … other than Kamala and HRC that is … SMH.

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Thanks, Terry

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William G Munson April 24, 2021
| | |
Burger King Business will Not Pickup too and White People will no Longer shop there too  for mostly all of their workers or Black Period What
Ronald M. April 22, 2021
| | |
Screw McD!  Haven't eaten that crappy food for years!
Ollie April 22, 2021
| | |
Whites should not eat at black McDonald's , they only spit in the food and the boys put their own special white sauce on the burgers 
JC April 22, 2021
| | |
Hire people according to their abilities not diversity of race! McDonald's is making every one angry. The whole purpose is to have variety and not mandated levels. I have been to some franchises were no one could speak decent English and get orders correctly!
BOBBOY April 22, 2021
| | |
jack April 22, 2021
| | |
Yes!  This is EXACTLY what i see every time i go to MD's.  Either it is owned and run by freakin Mexicans (entire families) - OR on the next shift i see nothing but smart mouth, attitudinal blacks!  One B* was wearing a 45 bullet necklace when she took my money at the window.  Another was wearing a BLM on front of her T! 
Lori March 30, 2021
| | |
This has been happening for years. Even when I worked as federal employee in the 80s they were required to fill so many jobs with minorities and then white women were next in line. All job applications should have sex and race removed as a required field and only the first letter of your first name should be submitted and all first interviews should be held by phone (not zoom) that would be the only way you could be sure that you were hired because of your talents and not your race and sex.
Debz March 30, 2021
| | |
Well, another one off my list. Junk food anyway.
Ricky Bradley March 30, 2021
| | |
MacDonald's has never made "delicious food." If white men can't get jobs there then they'll simply up their game. If MacDonald's has to take less qualified candidates based on color they will suffer financially in a business with fairly narrow profit margins already. Win win!
Lina March 30, 2021
| | |
Screw McDonalds..........will never ever spend a penny there again.
TJ March 29, 2021
| | |
Simple solution. Time for everyone to boycott McDonald's and let them crash and burn
| | |
Skeptical March 29, 2021
| | |
"Senior Executive Managers will lose their bonuses if they fail to staff more minorities in senior leadership positions. The company will have a focus on hiring women and minorities for top positions regardless of their talent and abilities." Senior Executive Managers should expect to lose their jobs, if they play the skin game. The business franchises that create their job will likely be de facto boycotted. I sure will not spend a dime to feed a skin game activist business, but I will try to exploit any of their resources at their cost, issued free to the public. If McDonalds does this, then "they deserve to be broke today"....at the bank!
JerryYouDaMan March 29, 2021
| | |
Good, then let them pay them $15 per hour while they are at it. I don't eat their crappy food anyway.
LJ March 29, 2021
| | |
And yet another company that has sunk so low they may never crawl out. Get a backbone and just do the normal hiring/firing/bonus levels that you use to....don't give into Cancel Cultural/Woke groups that are out to destroy America, just like you caved into. Gads....get real and start acting like leaders instead of wimps.
Ken Skinner February 23, 2021
| | |
well time to boycott them to
Babsan February 23, 2021
| | |
Good,don't patronize hate filled pandering companies.CANCEL Mc Donalds there are many other restaurants to choose from
Rocky February 22, 2021
| | |
Mcdonald is now racists than. Change name to McDummies
Scotch February 22, 2021
| | |
elizabeth raymond February 22, 2021
| | |
Who would want a joke if the whole time you have to wonder if you only got it because of your skin tone or plumbing … other than Kamala and HRC that is … SMH. Did you mean to say "job" instead of "joke"
Leroy February 22, 2021
| | |
Heck the Mc D's I go to is all black anyway, no big deal.
Spirit of the Fighting 69th February 22, 2021
| | |
They'll change their tune when profits go down. Corporate actions to hire by race violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act
jim February 22, 2021
| | |
Hey, We just got a Vice President who was picked because she's a woman and she's partially Black.
Hank February 22, 2021
| | |
Haven't eaten at a McDonalds in a decade, nothing good to eat, there but heart attack on a plate! Same for Buger King, Hardees, Sonic, et al! If I ever go for a burger and fries it is Five Guys way over and above any of these "woke" franchises!
James Long February 22, 2021
| | |
Every way you turn white people are called racist. I doubt any group of people are more discriminated against today than white people. I firmly believe white people, aside from a few radicals which are common to all races, are caring, generous, helpful, and respectful to all people regardless of race. If the narrow minded liberals could recognize truth in anything, racism is present in people of all races. What is happening now is only resulting in division. Our problems today are a matter of the human heart. We must learn to love each other, and treat each other with respect without regard to race. Hiring someone for a supervisory job with no concern for talent or ability will be a disaster. Hiring for a lower level job and promoting based on performance makes more sense. But, we seem lacking in that today.
Oldwolf February 22, 2021
| | |
All this race crap is nothing more then snow job for what the delusional democrats have in mind to do . Their only good at blowing smoke up ya wazoo the real question is what are they hiding behind all this . They never do anything for no reason . Always hiding something up their sleves . Wait it's coming , just don't know what it is yet . after they get what they want they will turn their backs on the blacks like they always do . Never forget they are the white people too . You think they are going to give up their white privileges for you ??? If you do belive them ... I got this nice bridge for sale , you could make millons on it . Set up a toll and wam ... your rich
ox February 22, 2021
| | |
If one hires according to race, that's called discriminations. The best action anyone can take is to find another place to eat. Fast food restaurants are a dime a dozen. Boycott McDonalds.
Medic RN February 22, 2021
| | |
I believe it. I quit McDonald's years ago. Seems 100% of everybody else has a better burger...for less money.
Darryl Boyette February 22, 2021
| | |
I have read many articles presented by The Beltway Report. There are so many typos that it has become distracting. It seems that I am constantly having to stop and re-read sentences and whole paragraphs to get the gist of the material. I find myself actually expecting these errors. Your writers and editors need to take pride in their end product. If this problem isn't cleaned up, I will unsubscribe from the e-mail list.