Media Silent After Asian Man Attacked In Sickening Hate Crime … Can You Guess Why? [Video]

There has been another attack on an innocent Asian and once again the attacker was Black. The democrats started calling the attacks on Asians the act of white supremacists.

If that is true they have darker than your average white supremacist. In fact, over the last two weeks there have been five such attacks we know of and none of the perpetrators have been white.

The attack happened in broad daylight and surveillance tapes showed the forty-something-year-old Asian man actually tried to run away from his attacker but he ran after him.

The attacker had been yelling at people out on the street but he didn’t become violent until he ran into the Asian man. He may not have attacked him because he was Asian. He used no racist language that we are aware of yet.

The Asian man had turned around in the street in an effort to avoid the man but he just kept coming and he flung the Asian man up against a building. Attacks against Asians have crept up over the last few weeks.

There were 12 attacks against Asians in 2020 and already in 2021 there have been 54.

Some of those attacks include:

-It was reported last week that the NYPD arrested a man they said was responsible for three attacks on Asian Americans in Brooklyn, and police charged him with hate crimes.

-Two New York City apartment doormen lost their jobs last week after failing to help an elderly Asian American from a vicious March attack caught on video.

-Also last month, an Asian American woman running for NYC council said she was shoved on a subway stairwell and sprained her ankle.

-A hate crime suspect was accused in March of threatening an Asian woman, smashing her cellphone, and telling her “go back to China.

-Another hate crime suspect was arrested last month for allegedly punching an Asian woman twice in the face in front of her 7-year-old daughter as they were on their way to rally — against violence toward Asians.

-A witness said an attacker yelled “you motherf***ing Asian” at a 68-year-old man before punching him in the face on a subway train last month.

-A man urinated on an Asian woman aboard a subway train in March, police told the New York Post.

-A 61-year-old Asian man was slashed across his face on a subway train as he was riding to the first of his two jobs in February. He had asked the suspect to stop kicking his backpack.


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