Update: Kamala Is No Longer ‘Black’, Now We’re Told She’s an ‘Asian’ … Seriously

The fact that we have to make this point shows that the situation in the media and on the left (but I repeat myself) is getting out of control.   The two rackets will do anything to drive a wedge between segments of the American populace.

As they have thought history, Democrats are using their go to strategy for forming a voting block: fostering racial division.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting:

NBC News came out with a report claiming that Kamala Harris is an Asian.   Why is she no longer highlighted as a black woman?

The insanity of the left continues.  In November, Kamala Harris was highlighted as the first black woman vice president.’

Now, this is going to cause a problem with the fact checkers who slammed everyone for pointing out that Harris is of Indian dissent and is not an African American, seeing as the media, looking to further divide the American peple on racial lines, are now identifying Harris as an Asian.

Joe Hoft went on: ‘Democrats and their media show real racism by referring to individuals according to race.  This is sick.  But even then, to label Harris, as an Asian is not really accurate.’

For argument’s sake let’s just say that Kamala Harris is a unicorn, and can accurately claim that she is of each and every single ‘race’ on the planet … how is this relevant?

Americans do not care about race, this is 2021 for crying out loud!

The only reason this is even in the narrative is because race and fomenting confrontation, fear and hatred among the races is the Democrat’s only strategy to build a coalition against the American Dream and individual liberty.

Once again the MSM shows the American people that it is there for one reason and one reason only: to keep America divided in order to Balkanize the US to make it ripe for a Marxist revolution.


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