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Breaking Leaked Videos Destroy ‘Capitol Riot’ Narrative


A new video is making the rounds and in it, the people who are smashing in the windows of the Capitol are dressed in all black. You can see Trump supporters trying to stop them.

So why is the FBI going after people who never even entered the Capitol but are making no effort to go after antifa? Because the FBI is a weaponized arm of the government that needs to be amputated. They are too far gone to fix.

The Trump supporters were chanting antifa sucks and the members of antifa were flipping them off.

How will the Democrats spin this to be the fault of Trump supporters? Or will the claim that the video is selecti9vely edited? No matter what excuse they use, it will be an utter lie. That we know.

The Democrats want to keep insisting that Trump supporters are violent and antifa and BLM are pacifists.

Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up  interviewed Pressley Stutts, a 30-year Navy Chaplain. Stutt’s incredible story, that has now gone viral, reveals how quickly America is becoming a tyrannical nation.

From our article:

Pressley Stutts proudly served in the United States Navy as a chaplain for 30 years. He’s retired from the military now and is a small business owner in South Carolina.

On January 6, 2021, an estimated one million Americans made their way to Washington DC for a peaceful protest against what a majority of Americans believe was a stolen election. Pressley was one of those amazing patriots who braved the cold and hostile conditions put in place by DC’s mayor, including shuttered restaurants, stores, bars and even closed public restrooms in our nation’s capitol, as they stood up for election intergrity in America.

Mr. Stutts traveled to DC to show his support for President Trump. He wasn’t part of a planned insurrection, he certainly never imagined he’d find himself on the steps of the Capitol building, but when the barricades around the Capitol building were removed and a police officer motioned for him and hundreds of protesters to advance tot he Capitol steps, he joined hundreds of others to voice his support for lawmakers inside who were set to reject electors from contested states.

Pressley Stutts explained to us that he never got past the steps of the Capitol. He did, however, witness men dressed in all black who broke out windows at the Capitol building while Trump supporters warned they were members of the violent far left domestic terror group, Antifa. Pressley explained that he heard women shouting, “Antifa! Antifa!” as the men dressed in black bashed out the windows of the Capitol.

Here are videos of the people who smashed the windows in:

From another angle:

Trump supporters fighting off antifa:

No wonder Pelosi was quick to drop the impeachment when the focus turned to her … what she knew & when she knew it …

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