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If this comes as a surprise to you, I would have to say you are one of the worst judges of character that I have ever met.  This whole crew oozes demonic predator spirit.  I mean, hell, just look at these ‘men’:

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The Never Trumpers at the Lincoln Project are scrambling to put out fires after one of their married founders was caught sending sexually explicit messages to young men.

21 men accused Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver of online harassment, according to a report by the New York Times.

The youngest victim the New York Times spoke to was just 14 years old when John Weaver started messaging and grooming him.

Maggie Astor tweeted:

’21 men told me John Weaver, a Lincoln Project cofounder, sent them inappropriate messages, including explicit offers of professional help in exchange for sex. 11 of them spoke on the record — far more than I could detail in one article. w/ @dannyhakim’

She continued:

‘Allegations became public this month in  @amconmag and an open letter from @GarrettHerrin, one of the men Weaver messaged. My and @dannyhakim‘s reporting shows how widespread the harassment was — 21 men came forward within days — and how aggressive it got.’

The GWP went on:

The New York Times says the evidence of Weaver’s online harassment is well documented and backed up by screenshots and ran between 2015-2020.

It was an open secret but the Lincoln Project is acting like they had no idea Weaver was grooming young men, including underage teen boys.’

Yah ok, take one look at that group of ‘men’ running that pro communist s*** show and you are staring out of the central casting book for pedophiles.  I’m not saying they rest of the Lincoln Project’s founders are pedos, but if I were casting a movie about the r*pe of teen boys … I would ask them to fill those roles.

Yet the rag denies they knew anything about this ‘double life’ of the ‘man’:

The GWP went on to explain:

‘John Weaver released a statement in response to the allegations and said he believed the messages he was sending back and forth to the young men were “consensual.”’

Sooooo …. we are not concerned about the age of the victims?  Welcome to the world of the left … and you said they were not trying to normalize pedophilia … SMH


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