Trans Boy, 8, has been LGBT Activist for 4 Years, Celebrated by Spanish Politicians

An eight-year-old transgender boy, who has been an LGBT activist–at the behest of his mother–for four years, was cheered at a regional assembly drawing praise and comparisons to Greta Thunberg.

At the regional assembly of the quiet, rural, Extremadura province, the young transgender boy, who goes by the name “Elsa” Ramos, delivered a speech much to the delight of the audience.

The speech began:

“My name is Elsa and I’m 8 years old. This is not the first time people have spoken at the Extremadura Assembly. Four years ago my mother told me my story here. I am a transsexual girl, I live in Arroio de San Serván and for the last four years living a very important path: the path to my happiness.”

Elsa has enjoyed stardom as a fighter for LGBT rights in Spain.

Elsa has been a member of the Triangle Foundation–an NGO that fights for LGBT rights in Spain–for four years, or, since the age of four.

Elsa’s mother, Anabel Pastor, has been instrumental in Elsa’s rise to prominence.

Four years ago, Anabel attended the assembly’s first meeting against all forms of homophobia.

She is hopeful that her trans son can live in “a world without hatred.”

Elsa finished the speech by saying: “Overall, trans people have a right to be who they are. Don’t let anybody get in the way of your happiness. Thank you.”

Many politicians have expressed their gratitude for Elsa’s unabashed activism.

Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau, said she “cannot think of words that are more important or precise than those spoken by Elsa.”

In recent months, several antics taking place in Spain have gained international attention.

Vegan activists caused the death of nearly 100 rabbits after they had stormed a rabbit meat farm in the northwest part of the country.

At an event in Ada Colau’s Barcelona, two comedians stripped off in front of a crowd of disgusted young children, garnering the disapproval of most people who were present.

A Spanish feminist teacher unveiled her idea that boys should be castrated at birth to form a more equitable society where women could have an equal or better footing.




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