Georgia Gov Brian Kemp to Send 1,000 National Guard Troops to Atlanta After Mayor Surrenders to the Mobs


Georgia Gov Kemp is sending 1,000 National Guard troops into Atlanta to stop the senseless violence being perpetrated thereafter Atlanta Mayor Democrat Keisha Lance Bottoms surrendered unconditionally to the rioters.

Gov Kemp said:

“Peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals with a dangerous, destructive agenda. Now, innocent Georgians are being targeted, shot, and left for dead. This lawlessness must be stopped and order restored in our capital city. I have declared a State of Emergency and called up the Georgia Guard because the safety of our citizens comes first. This measure will allow troops to protect state property and dispatch state law enforcement officers to patrol our streets. Enough with the tough talk. We must protect the lives and livelihoods of all Georgians.”

“The Georgia Guard will provide support at state buildings, including the Georgia State Capitol, Georgia Department of Public Safety Headquarters, and Governor’s Mansion. This aid will allow state law enforcement personnel to increase patrols on roadways and throughout communities, especially those in the City of Atlanta.”

Gov Kemp said previously that if Mayor Bottoms couldn’t take care of the situation, he would.

The statement caused strife between the governor and just another Democratic mayor who refuses to stop the violence.

He is now keeping his promise.

Bottoms is in the running to be Joe Biden’s running mate.

From The Daily Wire

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted that the order came after Kemp said he would take action if “Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms failed to do so, a move that highlighted the complicated, and increasingly tense, relationship between two of the state’s most prominent politicians.”

Kemp tweeted late on Sunday night: “This recent trend of lawlessness is outrageous & unacceptable. Georgians, including those in uniform, need to be protected from crime & violence. While we stand ready to assist local leaders in restoring peace & maintaining order, we won’t hesitate to take action without them.”


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