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Democratic Impeachment Witness Noah Feldman “Sharia Law Superior, More “Humane” Than Western Laws”


That’s quite a collection of misfit toys the Democrats put on display today. One of them, Noah Feldman, is a big proponent of Sharia Law.

He claims it is much more humane that we have in the United States.

That’s an interesting statement but I can’t help but wonder how you humanely stone someone to death or humanely behead someone.

Feldman was widely criticized for this New York Times piece which was an excerpt from his book, “The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State” for “promoting” Sharia law.

Fedman was the first witness trotted out by Jerry Nadler, but in truth the Democrats didn’t call a single witness.

Matt Gatz nailed them with this:

Rep. Matt Gaetz: “Let’s see if we can get into the facts, to all of the witnesses, if you have personal knowledge of a single material fact in the Schiff report, please raise your hand?”

Not one of the three chose to raise their hands.

NY Times op-ed

Read more of Feldman’s NY Times 2008 op-ed:

For generations, Western students of the traditional Islamic constitution have assumed that the scholars could offer no meaningful check on the ruler. As one historian has recently put it, although Shariah functioned as a constitution, “the constitution was not enforceable,” because neither scholars nor subjects could “compel their ruler to observe the law in the exercise of government.”

But almost no constitution anywhere in the world enables judges or nongovernmental actors to “compel” the obedience of an executive who controls the means of force.

The Supreme Court of the United States has no army behind it.

Institutions that lack the power of the sword must use more subtle means to constrain executives.

Like the American constitutional balance of powers, the traditional Islamic balance was maintained by words and ideas, and not just by forcible compulsion.

So today’s Muslims are not being completely fanciful when they act and speak as though Shariah can structure a constitutional state subject to the rule of law.

One big reason that Islamist political parties do so well running on a Shariah platform is that their constituents recognize that Shariah once augured a balanced state in which legal rights were respected.

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