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Top Obama Official Funneled Steele Documents to Dem Lawmakers in Late 2016 And the Russian Embassy


Newly released documents show that a highly-placed member of the Obama administration, Jonathan Winer, was responsible for the funneling of the Steele dossier to Democrats in Congress.

At the same time, he was in communication with a top official in the Russian embassy in Washington.

This is on top of us finding out that during the Mueller investigation, he found eight attempts to create a bond between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Of those eight attempts, six of them can now be attributed to the Obama administration.

Mueller’s investigation of Trump “collusion” with Russia prior to the 2016 Presidential election focused on eight cases:

Proposed Trump Tower Project in Moscow—


George Papadopolous—

Carter Page—

Dimitri Simes—

Veselnetskya Meeting at Trump Tower (June 16, 2016)

Events at the Republican Convention

Post-Convention Contacts with Russian Ambassador Kislyak

Paul Manafort

We already knew that Winer was acting as the conduit between Nellie Ohr and the State Department in spreading the Russian Collusion hoax.

His name keeps popping up all over the place, and he could have been one of the point men in distributing the Steele dossier in an effort to keep Trump from being elected, and after failing in that, getting him removed from office.

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From The Gateway Pundit

One simple fact emerges–six of the eight cases or incidents of alleged Trump Campaign interaction with the Russians investigated by the Mueller team, the pitch to “collude” with the Russian Government or Putin originated with FBI informants, MI-6 assets or people paid by Fusion GPS, not Trump or his people.

And now, thanks to Judicial Watch, we know that Obama State Department Special Coordinator for Libya Jonathan Winer funneled the bogus ‘Steele Dossier’ to Democrat Lawmakers in late November 2016.

“Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation today released 18 pages of documents revealing former Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Special Coordinator for Libya Jonathan Winer coordinating with then-House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer’s (D-MD) national security advisor, Daniel Silverberg to work on Russia dossier materials provided by Christopher Steele,” Judicial Watch released.

The documents were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit after requests for communications about the dossier were ignored by State Department officials. They show direct conversations between Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson, Winer and Nuland about getting together for a meeting about a “Russia related issue.”

From Hoyer’s office, Daniel Silverberg praised Nuland’s work on the issue and called her a “warrior.”

“It was a delight to speak today, notwithstanding the context. You’ve been a warrior on these issues, and I look forward to speaking further to preserve and wherever possible strengthen the important work you have done. I’ll follow up regarding a possible working group meeting,” Silverberg wrote to Nuland on November 28, 2016.


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Following Winer’s December 23 call with Russian political operative Skosyrev, State Department official Anne Sackville-West provides a “read-out” of the call to department colleagues in which she updates the “S-Lavrov points” (Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov). The body of the read-out is entirely redacted as classified for reasons of national security or foreign policy. Despite the classification, Eric Green, then-director of the Office of Russian Affairs in the Eurasian Bureau of the State Department, forwarded the exchange via his unsecure BlackBerry to Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Kathleen Kavalec, to Obama Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Ambassador Victoria Nuland, and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary John Heffern. Kavalec then responds, saying “Jonathan called me after first trying to get through to Toria and John. He relayed this readout, noting that Skosyrev emphasized that [redacted].”

“The State Department has still not fully explained its role in collecting and disseminating Christopher Steele’s false allegations about President Trump’s ties to Russia,” said Daily Caller News Foundation President Neil Patel. “The latest documents obtained by Judicial Watch on behalf of The Daily Caller News Foundation raise new and important questions about the role played by Jonathan Winer, who played a key role as Steele’s conduit to U.S. diplomats.”

It is clear the Obama administration was working to undermine the Trump administration weeks after his stunning victory over Hillary Clinton.

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BELTWAY EXCLUSIVE:   Driver Plows Through Crowd of BLM Protesters Blocking Road in Bakersfield (VIDEO)

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