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Government Watchdog Group Sues Obama Over Paris Accord


The Government Accountability & Oversight (GAO), a government watchdog group, has filed a lawsuit against former President Barack Obama.

They are suing him over his signing of the Paris Accord. No president can enter into a treaty without sending it to the Senate for confirmation.

Obama did this a lot. You know, like giving the Muslim Brotherhood 1 1/2 billion dollars after Congress killed the bill. Then we have the Iraq agreement and of course, the Paris Accord.

The Obama administration claimed they were not obligated to because there were no timetables for actions under the accord, and there was no penalty for not meeting the deadline.

That’s like doing a figure eight because making a u-turn is illegal. Also, there was a timetable. We were to cut emissions by 26 to 28% b 2025.

President Trump had promised us that he would drop out of the Paris Accord in 2016. He will follow through on Monday, the first day a country that signed the accord can pull out.


The rules stated that no nation could pull out before the third year, and that ends this weekend coming up.

From The Daily Caller

“This memo demonstrates the Obama administration’s unlawful entry into the Paris treaty,” Chris Horner, a former senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, noted in a press statement attached to the lawsuit. The memo “represents a major political and legal scandal,” he added. Horner left CEI in April.

The lawsuit seeks documents related to the memo from the U.S. State Department through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Horner is an attorney at the Government Accountability & Oversight (GAO) in April. The nonprofit group filed the lawsuit on behalf of Energy Policy Advocates. He cited a legal memo that allegedly justifies Obama’s decision to enter the climate deal, which compels the U.S. and 200 other countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions 26% to 28% by 2025.

Senate approval is required for any international deal that seeks “to adopt 1 targets and timetables,” not merely those that are “legally binding,” Horner noted in the lawsuit, referring to a referendum produced by the Senate in 1992 after the Kyoto Protocol, an international climate agreement designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. never ratified Kyoto.

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