Schiff One Step Closer To Removal


Op Ed|  Adam Schiff is an attorney by trade, he knows what a conflict of interest is, he knows what a biased juror is, he knows exactly what he has been doing, which, in my view, is beyond unethical, it may even be criminal.

The man, and I use that term loosely, is seemingly willing to do and say anything, regardless of how obviously fake and false it may be, in order to take Trump out.

He lied about ‘Russian Collusion’, He lied about his team’s contact with the ‘whistleblower’ (or in actuality, the CIA agent who didn’t hear anything directly), He lies, it’s just what the man does.

Finally it looks like it is catching up to him.

WND ( a site I recommend you visit DIRECTLY each day, as they do, and have been doing great work for years now, but are under the same financial attacks that we, and the rest of pro Trump publishers, have been subject to) Reported:

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‘Fresh from hearing the closed-door testimony of Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson on Friday, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are calling on committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., to recuse himself from the impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

Schiff has acknowledged, confirming a New York Times report Wednesday, that his office was in contact with the whistleblower before the filing of the complaint charging President Trump pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden and his son.

“They are now fact witnesses in the same investigation that they are now running,” said Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas. “Nowhere else in the United States can you be both a fact witness and prosecutor of any kind, much less an investigation to remove the president from office.

“It is entirely inappropriate and Chairman Schiff should disqualify himself from running this investigation,” he said.’

It turns out, as far as we know now, that an Intelligence Committee aide, the committee of which Schiff is the Chairman of,  had met with the whistleblower BEFORE the complaint was filed, and Schiff was well aware of the charges that were to be leveled against President Trump, prior to them being filed.

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If you recall, Schiff had the audacity to tell MSNBC last month that “We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower,” … “We would like to, but I’m sure the whistleblower has concerns that has not been advised as the law requires by the inspector general or the director of national intelligence just as to how he is to communicate with Congress.”

Again, it seems like Trump is now on a war footing, finally realizing that they will not stop until he is dead or in a cell.  This is truly scary when you realize that the Democrats must know what the people will do if they remove, imprison (without overwhelming evidence of a serious crime) or, God forbid,  assassinate the President.

I want to mention one thing here.  I think we all agree that NO ONE should be above the law. This is the entire premise of “Drain The Swamp.” So, if it does turn out that the Democrats can produce actual evidence that Trump is guilty of abusing his office, I will be the first one to say he needs to be held accountable.

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I have not seen that evidence and I do not believe it exists, if it did I’m convinced that the Dems would have rolled it out years ago.  No one is above the law, but that cuts both ways Democrats.  I hope you have a lot of metaphorical band aids stored up at the DNC …. A political reckoning is coming. 

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Thanks, Terry

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