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Former Campaign Manager Confirms It: “Barack Obama Knew About Spying. He Authorized It”


K Baish’s POV| 4-12-19 – Former campaign manager to President Donald Trump, Corey Lewandowski, sat down with Trump adviser David Bossie on Wednesday evening, joining Fox News host Lou Dobbs.

They spoke about Attorney General William Barr’s recent comments that the Trump administration had been spied on.

The Gateway Pundit reports, “On Wednesday Attorney General Bill Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump Campaign in 2016.”

Democrat Senator Shaheen looked shocked, to say the least:


On Wednesday evening during an appearance on Lou Dobb’s show, Corey Lewandowski dropped some major news.

Lewandowski explained that he had talked to the President Trump and the President believes that Barack Obama was the one who authorized the spying.

Corey Lewandowski stated, “We asked the president about this some time ago. And he said it very clearly. He believes it went all the way to the top of the previous administration. This didn’t stop at Ben Rhodes or some low level underling. Barack Obama knew about this. He authorized it. He was either complicit or implicit on it. And there has to be accountability.”

Take a look:

Lewandowski tweeted, “Has Sen. Shaheed not watched the news in the last two years? Spying DID occur and it should never happen again to anyone running for POTUS or their staff. Investigate the Investigators!!!”

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