LMAO: Only Trump Would Have The Balls To Post This To Twitter – Best Video Ever


Elder Patriot’s Opinion – It’s started.  “Biden opens double digit lead on Trump.”  “Poll, Bernie up nine points on Trump.”


The fake news media polls telling us that Donald Trump has no chance at re-election are in full blossom.  Might as well stay home on election day, Trump has no chance.


Here we go again.  Trump constantly outdrew Hillary Clinton at his rallies by more than 10 to 1.  It was obvious that he was going to win.

Nothing has changed:

Joe Biden has four separate rollouts and never drew more than 200 onlookers.  Yes, onlookers stopping to stare at the 50 union workers all wearing the same shirts.

The fact is:

So Trump went trolling the past two days.  Enjoy:

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