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DERANGED: Actress Says She Wakes Up Screaming At Trump During Night Believes She has ‘Gone Insane,’


A leftist, Hollywood actress from the show television show ER joined Stephen Colbert Monday night to discuss her news-watching habits, and her reactions to consuming news about President Donald J. Trump.

“One of the things I stopped doing, uh, was – I do not read the news at night,” actress Julianna Marguiles told Colbert on The Late Show.

She launched into a tirade about how The New York Times and NPR, her elective news sources, send her into a rage over Trump’s presidency. She said:

“I was waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares, just screaming. I had one dream where I was in a board room – there was a long board, a long table – and it was just the guy who’s in the Oval Office right now sitting there, and I walking in and I was screaming.

Screaming. ‘Don’t you care about the next generation’ – I mean I was going crazy and screaming at him and yelling and that was 2016. And I woke up in a sweat and I went ‘Oh my God, I’ve gone insane and I’ve gotta stop reading the news at night.’ So I read the New York Times in the morning. I listen to NPR – I know, I’m such a New Yorker – but that’s what I do because I want to be informed, and then occasionally I’ll watch PBS News Hour.


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